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Blank chat page / Flash Version is required You have no flash plugin installed Chrome error

2017-04-09 4:03:30 pm

If you are using Chrome browser and you have the flash plugin installed but are still getting the "You have no flash plugin installed" error, you need to enable Flash Usage for Chrome. You can follow the steps in the following link to see how. View steps @

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2017-05-10 1:29:01 pm
Is there a separate log in for chat vs your account? I typed in my email addy and it says not recognized but I did verify it. Anyone have ideas, let me know. thanks
2017-05-10 7:36:23 pm
Hi Caroline, it should be the same. I would compare both log in's and make sure they match. Maybe off by one digit or letter somehow.
7 days ago 3:27:17 pm
If you Enable and Update Flash for Chrome it should work fine. Have not tried IE yet.