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2016-07-13 2:28:39 pm
We have added a likes system to the blog. ( other than typical social media likes ) You can now like a blog post and the blog owner will get a notification that you have liked their post. You can also view the people that have liked the blog post by clicking on the Views Count. More updates to come. As always if you have suggestions/ideas/problems please let us know
2016-07-06 10:21:17 am
We are working on some upgrades to the Buzzen Blog system. We have tweaked the design some and we have added categories. Over the next few days we will be adding more support for the new category system. If you have any ideas/suggestions about the Buzzen Blog system please let us know.
2016-06-28 7:45:14 pm
Buzzen now offers a 6 month BSR ( Buzzen Supported Room ) for a donation of $25 usd. This is not a limited time promotion. For more information about BSRs and donating please visit our donate page @
2016-03-07 5:20:40 pm
A couple of years ago we reset all passwords on every account because we feared they may have been comprimised. We never received any proof that was the case but to be safe we took extreme measures. At the time users were informed to reset their passwords and staff worked tirelessly to help users who had problems. Recently we have had a lot of down time due to ddos attacks and other issues due to...
2016-02-22 3:16:05 pm
We have been forced to update our rules on what images are allowed to be uploaded by our users. This is to ensure we can continue to operate under the guidelines of our advertisers. Along with these changes to the rules we have made certain sections of our website "members only". This means you must be registered and signed in to see them. This includes the blogs section and the user...
  • reconE07: YW..xx
  • reconE07: lolluk, do you have windows or a MAC?
  • иєєиa: If you Enable and Update Flash for Chrome it should work fine. Have not tried IE yet.
  • reconE07: Hi Caroline, it should be the same. I would compare both log in's and make sure they match. Maybe...
  • sweetcaroline: Is there a separate log in for chat vs your account? I typed in my email addy and it says not...
  • reconE07: TY!
  • err0r: There is nothing to "fix". All the top browsers are starting to disable flash by default. Buzzen...
  • reconE07: I have done this several times to no avail. 10-15 times trying to get in, really... Buzzen needs to...
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: I was having the same issue. That above link helped me out. I am now able to chat once again
  • ஜrowdymaeஜ: aaauuuuugggghhhhhhh !!!! forget it !!!