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2016-01-10 9:23:00 pm
We are looking for new ways to promote your Buzzen Supported Rooms. If you have any ideas on this subject please let us know.
2015-12-19 3:54:49 pm
We have added a search blogs feature. This will allow you to use search terms to find blogs of interest. At the moment it searches for the terms in the title of the blogs.
2015-10-02 12:38:18 pm
We have done a little cosmetic surgery to our roomlist page. Thanks to our favorite chatter Danger we found a bug that allowed users to insert html into their topic. This has been fixed. We have also changed the listing of rooms. Room list now appears in order of Buzzen Supported Rooms first. Then User Created Rooms. They are sorted by number of users from highest to lowest. We have also removed...
2015-06-21 5:22:37 pm
We have updated our chat domain to In a few days will auto redirect to Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change. All links on the website have been updated to use url. This includes roomlist, favorites, etc. You will need to log out of and back in to start using the new url. Scripters using
2015-05-20 9:12:50 pm
We are currently working on Buzzen Groups, which will allow users to set up a group much like the old MSN Group Pages. We are interested in knowing what you would like to see included in groups. Give us your ideas and we will try to incorporate them.
  • reconE07: YW..xx
  • reconE07: lolluk, do you have windows or a MAC?
  • иєєиa: If you Enable and Update Flash for Chrome it should work fine. Have not tried IE yet.
  • reconE07: Hi Caroline, it should be the same. I would compare both log in's and make sure they match. Maybe...
  • sweetcaroline: Is there a separate log in for chat vs your account? I typed in my email addy and it says not...
  • reconE07: TY!
  • err0r: There is nothing to "fix". All the top browsers are starting to disable flash by default. Buzzen...
  • reconE07: I have done this several times to no avail. 10-15 times trying to get in, really... Buzzen needs to...
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: I was having the same issue. That above link helped me out. I am now able to chat once again
  • ஜrowdymaeஜ: aaauuuuugggghhhhhhh !!!! forget it !!!