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Good Grief........

GOOD GRIEF... a phrase we hear often and rarely even think about. I was thinking there such a thing as GOOD GRIEF? Is it possible? Who in the world ever came up with that phrase?

Then I thought to myself, grief is the hardest thing one will ever experience, it gives true deep wisdom to our souls. It is possibly the greatest experience we will ever have to get to really know ourselves. We learn, I mean REALLY learn what these types of phrases mean.

I have always "heard" the phrase..."In the depths of despair" but did I ever really truly know what it meant? How could I have, I had yet to go there. I now know after having buried our 21 yr old son, 26 yr old daughter, mother, father, grand parents, 34 yr old niece, lifelong best friend and now my husband of 42 years. And I know there are no words to describe it. I pondered the phrase "Good Grief" I try to think of what might have been good about it.


I have learned I can laugh even when deeply sad.

I have learned I can cry many more ounces than I have drank.

I have learned I can regress to child like behavior and just want to be held and rocked and its ok.

I have learned we do not have to always be in control of our emotions.

I have learned I can sure do some really bizarre things when lost in my own world and still come out on the other side.

I have learned no matter how much we want to run, you can't run from life.

I have learned you can (and will) lose close friends and family and still go on. People can't handle the grieving. It reminds them that they to shall some day pass.


So, I guess in looking at it...there can be GOOD grief. The kind of grief that teaches us about who we are deep down inside when nothing else can do it. The kind of grief that teaches us we are so much stronger than we ever imagined.

I am now looking at things with a whole new light. A stronger more beautiful light. One with great wisdom.....not taught to me....but learned by me.  May God Bless you all who may be taking this great and extreemly difficult journey.  YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!    (I am 19 months out)



You have never had a  conversation with me in the room.

I just came  into  the room.

Your looking for cyber or naughty talk.

You are under 50.

Your lesbian looking for a female lover.

Your off your meds.

Your intoxicated..

You have always lived with your mommy...

You do not like animals....


I am a very picky woman... I prefer a man who has a life. Who is NOT a jack of all trades (one who can't hold a job), a smoker, heavy drinker or drug user. I do not do "lazy" or "negative" at all.  I need a man with a brain who can hold an intellligent conversation. Not one who THINKS he can make a better president yet has never own his owned business. A man who knows Social Security was never meant to be ones whole form of retirement. (Used to be called SSI = Suplimental Social Security).  A man who knows things like videos, video games, and entertainment equipment rarely falls under the heading of assets.  A man who believes a house comes before toys, food comes before smokes, diapers comes before booze.

I am not a bitch, just truthful and realistic!

Yes I am picky, but hey....I am not new to this game, and have no time to waste!