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Female - 60 years old, United States
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If I disapear, I have decided to spend my time in a more positive environment than chat.

Unfortunatley, chat has become one of the cruelest places I have ever been. I am a women trying to build a new life after burying my soulmate of 43 years on Valentines Day 2016.  I come here often to try to stop the tears and re-route my emotions. Most the time I am  finding I leave in worse shape than when I come in.  If I am not insulted I am surely not embraced. I am disappointed to learn their are so many ppl  that will stand by and not do whats right. I am not this kind of person. Being popular, belonging to a group, playing neutral has never been me. I am passionatte about what I feel and would NEVER allow someone to be attacked, much less a 60 yr old recent widow. In my lowered emotional state I am finding I am lowering myself to the level of these cruel ppl. I am not proud of this. And for those of you who are good ppl I am truly sorry.

Maybe this is why many in here have no outside "real" friends. For whatever reason, I am choosing to spend my time with caring compassionate loving people and taking a break from such a nasty world as I am finding chat to be. Please think about this and either stand up and stop tollerating the nastiness, or change the ppl who your hanging with. They will eventually turn on and attack you as well if it suits them.



You have never had a  conversation with me in the room.

I just came  into  the room.

Your looking for cyber or naughty talk.

You are under 50.

Your lesbian looking for a female lover.

Your off your meds.

Your intoxicated..