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Dahna (*Dahna, *)
Female - 43 years old, Gorean City of Argentum, United States
Relationship Status: Married

Updated: 2017-09-24 5:13:20 pm Viewed 5,275 times Likes 7


I am Dahna, Tatrix of Argentum.

On this day 7-15-17 I was FC'd to Aiken of Helisto. We will have a joyous time together.


My Father was a slaver as I am, My mother a player of the czehar, her talents passed to Me. 

I travel with My guard Drat, though a large fellow He would protect all with His life. I also have a guard Younger, He is training and Drats right hand man.

I own and have raised a Tarn and have taught Myself to fly it.

I also own an amazing Kailla not so pretty but a good strong Beast. 


*************I own personally the kajira sariah!**************

The girl is Mine in real and here. she will never be for sale.

she serves Me with all her heart And I will protect that. 

~~~~~~The day of 9-23-17 I gifted My Companion and He accepted the shared Ownership of sariah~~~~~~



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