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Dahna (*Dahna, *)
Female - 39 years old, Gorean City of Argentum, United States
Relationship Status: Married

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Tatrix of Argentum. .....I hold the Homestone of My home....(A silver mining community between Torcadino and Ar. In the Heart of Civilized Gor) I have a Guard Drat He is a large fellow but moves with a great quickness and ease..

I am rich and do so love My dresses, gowns and capes.


Champion::: Tagas~W~FC~Kiaa~LYD~

Warrior to the Homestone and Argentum;;; HomeSwordWarrior~FC~Asya~Vedara

Ambassador of Argentum;; in search of an Ambassador until then Mortimas is there for Me.

......I have been away with an illness so I will have to seek Them out to see if it is still so that the are as listed above......


I am now, This day 4-25-16 the Blood Sister to Robert~1~RTG 

~~~~~ 9-11-16 Today 3:54:20 pm


Our blood is One .. We are forever Sisters . bonded in blood . which cements the bond which was there always !!~~~~

5-3-16 I have recieved a most beautiful gold broach, spahinre and emeralds on it also.

Given a beautiful switch surrounded by leather and decorated about it 5-4-16 by a pretty inahan.

5-27-16 recieved a small sculpture of a girl made of twigs and leaves from the slave kanati

7-10-16 recieved a saphire pendant on a small golden chain from Aiken.

8-6-16 Became blood with Mortimas, He is now my Brother.

8-6-16..given a dagger . a larl head carved in the handle. the very one used to cut My palm to become Sister of Mortimas.



sariah~Dahna is Mine, here and in real life...3-30-16....

she is expected to do exactly as I say without question. she is My beast.


I am a musician of the eight stringed czehar, somewhere on Me is always a horn pick. ...........All music is memorized and melodies are passed down to children or students.  

In most cities it is regarded, incidentally, as a criminal offense to enslave one of the caste of players. A similar decree, in most cities, stands against the enslavement of one who is of the caste of musicians.
Beasts of Gor     Book 12     Page 44

My Father was a slaver, He left me with a slave house which I run with a very firm hand. at times I have known to take a slave from a field to add to the numbers of the slave house. I like to think that I am a very good Mistress of knowledge of Gor. I train hard, but I am also fair.  I expect slaves to know and UNDERSTAND thier status on Gor r/p after all they did choose to be such.

I know many Free that r/l takes them and their slaves are alone until their Owners return. I invite You to bring Your slaves to Argentum so that they will not be alone, safe and continue to grow and learn and r/p.

I also sell slaves that are in My care if they get to know the Free and they match. (After all this is r/p and ones should not be together if they do not match)

I will do a lot of talking with each girl or guy that comes to Me to find out about them. I take into concideration their sexual preference. whether they like to fur or what they wish to get out of being a slave in Gor. If I find that they do not wish to learn and whine or EVER talk about the going ons in My home they are gone.

In general, NOT a women despise kajirae, treating them with cruelty and viciousness, I am not one of those that despise kajirae, I am confident in my Womanhood and I choose to show slaves favor if they deserve such a privledge.

I have some I want there and some I will not have there and that goes for Free and Slave.

If my home is small I don't care as long as there is r/p without drama.

I am also in search of a Warrior that would be guard of Argentum, and slave house when I need Him to be.... I now have the Warrior HomeSword giving His sword to protect Argentim and those there.


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