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Dahna (*Dahna, *)
Female - 43 years old, Gorean City of Argentum, United States
Relationship Status: Married

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I am Dahna, Tatrix of Argentum.


My father was a slaver and left Me the slave house and all within. I am a slaver, I collar and sell sometimes gift but rarely release slaves. 

"One owns slaves and commands them. One does what one likes with them. One does not bargain with them."
Page 365 - Mercenaries of Gor

HomeSword is Protector of Argentum and all within.

Marlenus is a Warrior of Argentum and will protect Myself and all in Argentum. (Away at this time) 

I have a Guard, Drat He is a large fellow but moves with a great quickness and ease..

AvonLea~Phy~ᴒᴒ~Vendara ....Is Physician for Argentum also. 

A Black Kaiila, Tracer.

The homestone of Argentum safe and the secret of its whereabouts will be taken to My grave.  

I am rich and do so love My dresses, gowns and capes.

"It is beautiful," I said, observing the shaded porticoes, the slim, lofty pillars, the graceful pediment with its friezes. "What is the problem with Argentum?" I asked.

"This is the avenue of Iphicrates," I was informed.

The people at the sides of the street did not seem surprised that my features were not concealed by a veil. Perhaps it was traditional, I gathered, as I had been informed by Ligurious, that this was the fashion in which the Tatrix appeared before her people. At any rate, whatever might have been the reason, the people, reassuringly, from my point of view, seemed neither scandalized nor surprised by my lack of a veil. If anything, they might have been saluting me, as though for my courage.

---Kajira of Gor, page 70




My personal girl

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O n  this day May 12, 2017 My slave resubmitted herself to Me, I am proud.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sariah~Dahna is Mine, here and in real life...3-30-16....

My slaves number one duty in her life is to tend to My every need.  she knows she is expected to serve and be pleasing when she is needed to do so. she is MY beautiful Red Silk slave. she knows her place and has heat and heart.  

she is expected to do exactly as I say without question. she is MINE!!!!


Argentum Home slaves.

amia~Argentum is My Home slave girl.  3-25-2017 r/l keeps her busy but she can be found around 

samson~Argentum..I bought the thrall now known as sampson, from Talarius of Helisto.......6/22/17


slaves, Sold, Freed, Gifted or Killed, I rarely release. 

jae~Argentum is My Home slave girl. 3-20-17 NO MAN WILL TOUCH HER!!..........SOLD to Lady Anya. 4-6-17

ella~Argentum is My home slave as of 3-27-2017 .......SOLD to KRB Tavern 3-30-17

leeia~Argentum is My Home slave girl 5-2-17 ....FREED and given manumission papers 5-5-17~~bought back 5-8-17 Now laria.

Thrall~Argentum was fed to a Tarn due to an offence I learned about when the thing Free. DEAD 5-10-17

laria~Argentum is My Home Slave 5-8-17...................««« RUNAWAY»»»

areya~Argentum was Mine, 3-21-17...made HOME slave 4-5-17....released 5-29-17.....her life keeps her away, we wish for her good days.

akira~Argentum Is My Home slave 5-10-17..........SOLD to Helisto 5-3-17

melia~Argentum (chardonnay)  is My Home slave girl. 5-30-17......decided to remove the collar and leave. 

jarod~Argentum is My Home thrall. 5-29-17....Runaway 6-22-17........6-24-17 told the male to remain released.


I am a musician of the eight stringed czehar, somewhere on Me is always a horn pick. ...........All music is memorized and melodies are passed down to children or students.  

In most cities it is regarded, incidentally, as a criminal offense to enslave one of the caste of players. A similar decree, in most cities, stands against the enslavement of one who is of the caste of musicians.
Beasts of Gor     Book 12     Page 44

My Father was a slaver, He left me with a slave house which I run with a very firm hand. at times I have known to take a slave from a field to add to the numbers of the slave house. I like to think that I am a very good Mistress of knowledge of Gor. I train hard, but I am also fair.  I expect slaves to know and UNDERSTAND thier status on Gor r/p after all they did choose to be such.

In general, NOT a women despise kajirae, treating them with cruelty and viciousness, I am not one of those that despise kajirae, I am confident in my Womanhood and I choose to show slaves favor if they deserve such a privledge.


I am now, This day 4-25-16 the Blood Sister to Robert~1~RTG 

~~~~~ 9-11-16 Today 3:54:20 pm


Our blood is One .. We are forever Sisters . bonded in blood . which cements the bond which was there always !!~~~~

5-3-16 I have recieved a most beautiful gold broach, spahinre and emeralds on it also.

Given a beautiful switch surrounded by leather and decorated about it 5-4-16 by a pretty inahan.

5-27-16 recieved a small sculpture of a girl made of twigs and leaves from the slave kanati

7-10-16 recieved a saphire pendant on a small golden chain from Aiken.

8-6-16 Became blood with Mortimas, He is now my Brother.

8-6-16..given a dagger . a larl head carved in the handle. the very one used to cut My palm to become Sister of Mortimas.

5-1-17...given as a gift, a garden wagon made and given to Me by Ş€¥тɦєŞ, I am grateful. 

5-10-17...given a gift of a red and black gown with cape, made by trix`Ş€¥тɦєŞ and given to Me by Ş€¥тɦєŞ



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