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i found myself in the marshes, happily minding my own business, considering how to catch my next bug, the previous one having put up a hell of a fight as i pulled its legs off, they didnt look at all appetising ! Comming upon a water pool that looked like it had been stagnant for some time, the stuff on the top was well, probably toxic but i decided a bit of a bath was in order, i was dirty and dark curls matted and tangled from my travels.  Diving into the pool i arose to the surface in a hail of what can only be described as rancid water and various bits of leaves and "stuff" that had been dead for awhile in that water...changing my mind about this  bath thing i attempted to swim to the edge when it happened. There was an erruption of water making me think the PKs  had caused some kind of Tsunami in the stagnant pool and i was about to be riding the waves it created, something grabbed me, thinking it was the dreaded marsh monster that many had warned me about i screamed and flailed wildly to escape its clutches, i had heard horror stories of what this monster would do to whatever it thing i knew i was seeing stars..this was the beginning of the chase.  Chased through marshes, over hills, down ditches....growling and snarling at my persuer determined to escape whatever attrocities were  to be afflicted on me, i was not a slave, i was nobody, i was not fat enough to make a good meal.... momentarily caught i yet again escaped, mostly by default and a bush with a bottom, strange sight that was... eventually grabbed in a manner that had us tumbling around on the ground i was pinned down and claimed as His...a plait of His hair placed around my neck as Ownership....His instructions were clear and any attempt at escape would result in strangulation, or worse...i narrowed my eyes and began to formulate my plan.... i am untamed....i am wild...He is in for a rough ride !

​He chose to call me liana, something to do with water, probably because i was in water when He first brained me with a rock then attempted to drown me on more than one occassion.
​my Master says imma lil heathen and something of a crazy wildling, but i think im nothing but sweetness n light !

​He does put up a good fight and can toss me quite a distance when he is fuelled to do so (and it appears i fuel Him often)  He also can run quite fast for a Man of His frame (polite for needs to watch His diet) and i must say, He sure has a fair set of gnashers on Him (rubs my neck where the bruises and marks are) but all in all, currently i am getting quite fond of He who Owns me and i am almost sure He feels the same about His crazy assed heathen as on more than one occassion He has gone wild and ... well thats probably not a story for public viewing.

my Master is a busy Man,  He can be found in many places doing many things,  i am normally to be found where He is.  He trusts me to carry out His wishes regardless of where i am and therefore His will is my foremost concern and i will not deviate from what He wishes of me.  i am His heathen, His sassy ass and His property, all i do reflects that. This amuses Him i think, He likes  that i am strong willed and not easily swayed, unless of course He is doing the swaying then of course, Im a pliable yeilding little bitch.

i am permitted to carry everyday items in my pack that is a constant around my waist, as well as my secrets it can at times hold coin He has given to take on an errand of payment or that i have received in delivering something for Him.  i also have a small cooking knife that i use for ensuring His hunger can be sated. There can be other various items that He allows dependent on the task He sets me.

i am permitted to be in other places than His Camp when He is away on business and i am to conduct myself as per His wishes. i know His wishes, that is all i need to remember and carry out as im getting more than fond of the Man who allows me to be truly free in His Ownership. So far there has been no further attempts at strangulation, no rocks to the head and no threats of death if i attempt to run so thats a bonus although He is still rather fond of chasing me across meadows and marshes, just for other reasons. this i like !

I have a makeshift pouch made from a scrap of black fabric tied around my waist...inside are a few items that would mean nothing to most people but everything to me.. i will never reveal what they mean to me or why, that is my secret.  i am followed around by a near bald vulo who likes to drop feathers for me to pick up, his name is calvo (spanish for bald) ~~~~ calvo is currently MIA, last seen chasing a Sailor in Vendara~~~~Update, calvo is safe and well, Mistress Penelope advises he is currently living it up in the hens pen however the Sailor, is not in such good shape and currently being treated in the clinic for some unknown ailment.

Character: feral slave who can haunt you with a glancing look, intoxicate you with a simple smile and provoke you with a mere glimpse of flesh.  Eyes like the thassa in midnights kiss, brimming with sins that unleashed may bring chaos, lips parted in invitation, rosy and ripe for taking, flesh born to bring lust to Mens loins with its silent  plead for merciless use... everything for  pleasure in one delicious bundle. The seduction and temptation may be evident but the girl will turn quickly into something wild and feral...what you see isnt always what you get.

The girl behind the screen ; i love my Master with all that i am, nothing can and will change that, nobody will interrupt this and it cannot be broken, you are wasting your time trying. i have learnt my lesson, a harsh lesson that those you call friends are the very ones who hurt you and break your heart so i will be very careful who i let near. i have everything i want or need in my Master and seek nothing elsewhere. If i prove nothing else to anybody but to Him that my love is unconditional and witout reservation then i will be complete. He is the second beat of my heart, the reason breaths fall from me and what makes my soul soar, i will not feel guilty for loving Him and if He even feels one iota of that love, it will engulf Him. i am His, i always have been, i always will be. 

Trust does not come easy but loyalty is without doubt.

I am who i am, who i was and who i will always be - you cannot stop your heart from loving even when it no longer exists in the physical world, if you have never loved you will never understand the pain.

I don't come with instructions, you have to use your imagination.



"me?  ....  i'm scared of everything. im scared of what i saw, of what i did, of who i am and most of all, im scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the whole of my life, the way i feel when i'm with you (Dirty Dancing)

You know why i love this song....