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ciara~Wamph (ciara, .)
Female - 26 years old, .. , United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

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Collared 3rd April 2017 by my Jarl, WamphW

​my purpose is to please Him in all ways, at His will.

i may only be used sexually with permission from my Jarl.

​i may only travel to Homes my Jarl allows, if i don't visit, He doesn't allow !

​i am allowed to live in the Town of Kassau that is my Jarls Home, while there i will be the delicious bondsmaid that strives for His attentions and the gift of remaining as His. i will follow the Laws of Kassau that state i will rp as close to the books as possible in all situations. If any have a problem with this, please address my Jarl.

​6th May 2017 i was gifted a new collar by my Jarl, it is exquisite and more beautiful than anything i have ever seen and an outfit of shimmering fabric to dance for Him in  - a collar with 4 gems indicating N, S, E W with a coloured stone representing the landscape around us, diamond for the snow of the north, white. Emerald for the east, green like the forests. Saphhire for the west, blue like the oceans and topaz, yellowey/orange for the deserts of the south

I am who i am, who i was and who i will always be


I don't come with instructions, you have to use your imagination

Character: feral slave who can haunt you with a glancing look, intoxicate you with a simple smile and provoke you with a mere glimpse of flesh.  Eyes like the thassa in midnights kiss, brimming with sins that unleashed may bring chaos, lips parted in invitation, rosy and ripe for taking, flesh born to bring lust to Mens loins with its silent  plead for merciless use... everything for His pleasure in one delicious bundle. Trust does not come easy but loyalty is without doubt. Pride seen in the jut of chin to expose the collar that seals my fate and destiny in His hands. i live at His will, serve at His mercy and am His for as long as He desires... without Him i am nothing, with Him i am nothing but what He allows me to be. i am His....

I have a makeshift pouch made from a scrap of fabric tied around my waist...inside is a few items that would mean nothing to most people but everything to me.. i am followed around by a near bald vulo who likes to drop feathers for me to pick up, his name is calvo (spanish for bald) ~~~~ calvo is currently MIA, last seen chasing a Sailor in Vendara~~~~


"me?  ....  i'm scared of everything. im scared of what i saw, of what i did, of who i am and most of all, im scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the whole of my life, the way i feel when i'm with you (Dirty Dancing)