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Current Mood: Listless
feral (feral, ... )
Female - 26 years old, .. , United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

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just a feral slave - there is no taming the beast within 

Eyes of the stormy Thassa that will haunt you with just one look, hair of midnight skies that drifts possessively around curves of feminine perfection, heart of ice that will let none close, soul that once soared now grounded without wings, a feral and wild beast who would sooner remain in the dark forbidden depths of the marshes than in crowds, her one companion a bald vulo ....

she will watch yet not speak, learn yet never repeat... a riddle only a few will ever understand.

"i lost myself while trying to please everyone else, now i'm losing everyone trying to find myself" (Unknown)

"walk a mile in my shoes, see what i see, feel what i feel, then maybe you will understand why i do what i do, till then don't judge me" 


24/10 I get my heart fixed again. It will never replace the broken one but will keep me alive.