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Sizzlie Awards

Winners of the annual Sizzlie Awards. The Sizzlie Awards are presented by

User Award
2019 Sturdyfarmergirl💕ๅɥ Always The Bridesmaid
2019 🎔♔ℒαdy𝑫𝒊 🎔 Baby Got Back
2019 ƒ𝗢𝖮𝙊𝘖𝑲𝑬R™ Best In Humor
2019 💋●CreamScones●😜 Biggest Diva
2019 ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ Biggest Flirt
2019 Djiny Chatterbox Award
2019 Kimber1957 Class Act
2019 Italian___LA Me Me Me
2019 Account Deleted Most Melodramatic
2019 💎Glιттεяs💎™ SizzleRadio SuperFan
2019 ~Porchdog~ Technically Challenged
2019 ozbossthewurzel The Romantic
2019 ✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ Think It Don't Say It
2019 Seldom•seen Under The Influence
2019 🎧 Miles_Away 🌎🚀 Wikipedia Award