Cannot connect to rooms: trying to connect scrolling continously.

  • Clear browser cache, pressing CTRL and F5

  • Update Flash and Java: and

  • Wireless has problems due to low signals
    adsl routers may need to be rebooted. To do this shut down pc and turn off unplug router plugs wait 20 seconds then replug and connect

  • You may need to do a DNS flush * To do a DNS flush, Go to start then run and type in this ipconfig /flushdns then restart your computer. Make sure you leave a space between the G and the /

  • Check all cookies, temp files and all past history has been cleared in internet options

  • Try to connect via the room list, sometimes links in favorites are corrupt.

  • Check the chat client template, set it to either a color theme or default. :

  • Closing the browser and restarting can sometimes override the non connect

  • Check to see if Flash Player has not become damaged or corrupt if so delete the program and install it new, links <-- uninstaller if needed. PC must be rebooted before reinstalling flashplayer
    version 8 or higher are required for Buzzen chat

  • Check if time, date, month and year are all correct

  • Check security is not set to high on trusted sites it should be on default medium low and that and are added as allowed sites