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Re: Open Minded.
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All I ask if you come by to visit, is to keep it civil,if you have issues with any chatters,please use ignore,please do not argue with the host,and remember that the Buzzen staff[si do quite a bit to keep this site open,and all though,they have a site for donations, Buzzen is free,so the least we can do is to show our gratitude to Buzzen by not trash talking the owners or the staff...................and pray that they keep Wes busy,so he doesn't get bored and tear something
We just want you to come in and have a good time...............hope to see you there.
Regards to all

I had a great time getting banned for saying hi !!!!!

Thanks for the giggles sir !!!



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Re: Open Minded.
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This topic has been locked since users can't seem to stop posting about being kicked. If you have a problem with the staff of open minded join their forum and discuss the issues there not here. Again This forum is for a Room Owner to promote their rooms, not the discuss every kick that happens in a room.

I put a warning up and it still wasn't followed. As such no more posts to this thread will be accepted and we will be reviewing the forum setup as we have enough to do then monitor this forum for constant whinning.
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