Author Topic: i would purpose a automatic ban for pretending to be another chatter  (Read 878 times)

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Recently in a chat room a chatter was pretending to be another room host and owner which i was wanting to have an  important conversation with . Being Christmas a time for good will I opened up by heart to this host and owner with the intent of clearing up a banning situation which had occured. I was so happy the way the discussion went and then the next morning i found out the host had cloned another chatter and was only pretending to be another room  owner and host. This has happened a lot in another room where a person clone you then they state things to get you banned or kicked from the room. I think this should be a automatic ban. The code of conduct state it is againt the code to clone anther room owner. What is not   so funny is the host in the room banned me for life when i was upset with him for cloning another room owner which is against the code of conduct. To the room owner i will not mention but I urge him not to allow the host who cloned another room owner with the intent of harassing a chatter. Ban him instead of letting the person breaking the code.which did nothing wrong