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Easter Trivia Match in Twisted Trivia
« on: March 31, 2021, 07:47:52 PM »
Hop on down the bunny trail...all the way to the Twisted Trivia chatroom!  We're having a special Easter-themed trivia match this Friday, April 2nd @ 11pm GMT (London, UK).  Here is a direct link to the chatroom:

Hope to see you all there!! 

Here is when this week's match will be played according to where you are in the world. ***PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGES*** (due to daylight saving time)

Vancouver, Canada/Los Angeles, USA 3pm Friday, April 2
Toronto, Canada/New York City, USA 6pm Friday, April 2
Halifax, Canada 7pm Friday, April 2
São Paulo, Brazil 7pm Friday, April 2
London, UK 11pm Friday, April 2
Amsterdam, Netherlands 12midnight Saturday, April 3
Perth, Australia 6am Saturday, April 3
Brisbane, Australia 8am Saturday, April 3
Sydney/Melbourne, Australia 9am Saturday, April 3
Wellington, New Zealand 11am Saturday, April 3

We welcome each and every one of you to come play in this Easter match!  Should be a fun time!!
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Re: Easter Trivia Match in Twisted Trivia
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It is the best match I have seen. I hope that I can join another one. If you have any events, you can notice me. I will join it. I appreciate your post.
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