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Gay Bi Guys Australia
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:43:18 AM »
Hi all

We are a relatively New Chat room for the LGBTIQ ( Lesbian - Gay - Bisexual - Transgender - Intersex - Queer ) Community for Australia & New Zealand
Yes we have a International Airport, So you can stamp your passports and enter as you please.  :D
This is a safe haven for our community to meet others like minded, To meet up with old and new friends. To find the one?
Our community is broad ranging from Bears to Cubs to Daddies to twinks.
This room is for guests or members of buzzen 18 and over.
We are pretty laid back when it comes to rules in the room, So long as it doesn't violate the code of conduct.
Homophobia is something of the 90's.
You will notice these days, more people are more accepting of it then what it was 10 years ago.
Its not really accepting these days to be a tool.
Just be yourself.

Ok Blabbing on?

Feel free to stop by our room located in Lifestyles.
Just bare in mind that we run our room (UTC + 10) Eastern Australian Standard Time.

We look forward to bringing out cocktails / Wines / Beers and Platters for those who love being entertained by hospitality staff.

All Walks Of Life Are Welcome Here  :)