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Group: Master who seeks a slave

Category: GOR
Created: 2019-05-21 3:16:22 pm
Last Activity: 2019-05-21 3:16:22 pm
Members: 2
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Lastest Member: Bondage4me
About Us
I have been a Gorean Master very long time...I have owned some not many slaves..huge part of Me has miss the longing to own to control a slaves mind body soul and in time her heart..which I know takes time I do NOT believe in velcor ko'lars I rather be along as I have been my choice there is a lack of good slaves..alot of subbies pretending to be slaves and when it comes time for them to learn or grow they run the other directions..if your interested in finding that Master...there is no harm in chatting..this Group can be for both Masters and slaves who seek...
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