Free Chat Rooms - Buzzen Chat changing to

2015-06-21 5:22:37 pm

We have updated our chat domain to In a few days will auto redirect to Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change. All links on the website have been updated to use url. This includes roomlist, favorites, etc. You will need to log out of and back in to start using the new url. Scripters using will not need to update. It will continue to work as normal. If you have any problems please visit the helpdesk.

2015-06-21 8:17:58 pm
Thank you for the update!
2015-06-22 1:43:44 am
OK is this why profiles don't show again as a link from the user list in the room? AND why all the fonts were reset, etc? Just curious.
2015-06-22 10:47:23 am
Yes. Popup blockers work per domain. Once you accept as ok for popups then profiles will once again open. Same with cookies. Cookies are per domain. When we changed from to your cookie for font information has to be reset.
2015-06-26 2:13:25 am
How long will it be before we can get back into ~~~Trivia~~~ Room?
2015-06-26 5:15:59 pm
OK, had to reset popup blocker for the new domain. Makes no sense. I didn't even know I had it active. Also had to get a new server cert. Strange, some stuff worked fine, like whisper windows (typically that's a popup blocker problem) and chatroom options, but not the profiles. They began showing the same link that the newsfeeds do, (which I have blocked everywhere.) Finally got it all sorted though.
2015-06-26 5:18:07 pm
Maryanne, trivia room is up and running from what I can see. Are you having a problem accessing other rooms as well? If not, the trivia room might have just gone down temporarily. If so, you'll need to check browser settings, I'm pretty sure there's help files in fax here about it.
2015-06-26 5:28:50 pm
whispers are no longer popup windows.. they are produced from the code inside of the page.. popup blocker is automatically on for every site and you have to allow them per site.
2015-06-27 9:25:10 am
I can't even get in as a guest chat smile wtf
2015-06-27 9:55:04 am
Err0r fixed my room to allow guests last night but today it doesn't. At least my bot can get in without issues but my "guests" can't.
2015-07-01 5:18:55 pm
it tells me im locked out
2015-07-01 5:18:58 pm
it tells me im locked out
2015-07-02 7:41:52 am
Ok I can't get in, what's going on Buzzen???
2015-07-02 8:01:57 am
cant findmy queen ,,is this earth
2015-07-02 8:13:20 am
lol leti..hey are you in chat? coz I can't get in chat smile
2015-07-02 8:45:46 am
Sandi I can't get in either
2015-07-02 8:56:55 am
It sucks hey lol. And I was looking forward in some Trivia chat smile . Oh well I'll just keep trying . Thanks Cinni chat smile
2015-07-02 9:17:55 am
I am sure they will let us know as soon as they can. chat smile
2015-08-15 3:16:14 am
How do I find page to sign out?
2015-08-15 5:59:29 pm
you click on your nickname in blue box at the top right and select log out from the dropdown or you can use the direct link @
2015-08-31 4:47:20 pm
havent been able to log in in over two weeks now. What was I supposed to do?
2015-09-01 1:36:31 pm
I don't see anything wrong with your account. Try logging in @
2015-09-24 11:19:02 am
I havn't been able to log in for weeks either.
2015-09-24 4:35:29 pm
Try logging in @
2015-11-28 3:58:25 am
hello how to login in because its almost 5 months i cannot login.......
2015-11-28 7:28:55 am
If you are having trouble logging into chat please try
2020-05-05 5:42:27 pm
how do i change from automatic sign-in to manual sign-in