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SuperOwner Room Properties Dialog Added!

2016-07-30 1:15:21 pm

Room Properties dialog added for room superowners. The superowner can now control topic, onjoin message, owner/host key, room category and language selection per a dialog. You can also lock these properties so they can not be changed by other ops. To access this new feature just right click on the main chat window and choose Room Properties. Report any bugs or ideas as this is still in testing mode.

2016-07-30 9:55:25 pm
like the feature. User created rooms should have the same rights as any other when people view Popular Chat Room list. If a user created room actually gets 50 real people connected to the room, then they should be considered popular right?
2016-07-31 10:41:29 am
no, i've already answered this question.
2016-08-24 3:31:20 pm
good work err0r can actually run a room without a bot now