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SuperOwner Tools FaQ

2016-12-03 4:43:14 pm

If you are a room superowner and you want to learn more about the new superowner tools then please visit for more information. As always if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.

2017-02-21 9:29:04 am
is there any control on reasons why someone is banned from a room or not ?
2017-02-28 10:29:00 pm
Unless it's The Lobby, rooms control the rules they enforce in their own room, buzzen doesn't mandate any rules over and above the CoC, and TOU.
2017-09-03 6:26:35 pm
Could someone explain to me, briefly, what a modrated room does or how it operates please. Thank you.
2017-09-08 2:04:24 pm
A moderated room or mode +m sets a room so that only users with +v +h +o +q status can send messages to the room. Users that do not have one of those modes will have small glasses next to their nickname. There are referred to as spectators. A room host or owner must +v (give voice) to the user before their messages can be seen.
2017-09-08 6:27:30 pm
Much appreciated error. One other small thing, is there any script available, for idle removal. e.g. if a chatter is non verbal for five minutes, l want to discharge them from the room, but not ban them.
2017-09-09 6:41:52 pm
that would require a 3rd party script to be created. Some users join rooms using mirc or other apps and they would just pop back in right after you kicked them. However the script can be made and i seem to recall back in the msn days some ppl used idle kickers. would not be hard to make.
2017-09-18 5:11:12 pm
I am using my phone how can I use the supper owner tools.
2018-03-02 8:10:47 pm
2018-06-14 5:18:15 pm
how do the cameras work next to your name?
2018-06-14 6:06:06 pm
Those just signifies you have a profile pic if there isn't a camera it means you didn't put a profile pic up.
2018-07-31 10:28:34 am
how do I enable profiles
2019-09-04 7:57:07 pm
how do add color, to messages?