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Connection Not Secure Message in Buzzen Chat

2018-10-31 9:13:28 pm

Some of you may have noticed you get a Connection Not Secure message in your browser when entering a Buzzen Chat Room. This is because currently we do not have a SSL certificate for our webchat server. We do have one on our main website and we are in the process of getting one for chat. All of your information is secure and our webchat server does not use any sensitive information. The chat is 100% safe. If you would like to read more infomation on https/SSL you can do so by visiting the following url.


2018-11-19 9:10:35 pm
I saw that and thought nothing of it.
2018-12-08 1:41:34 pm
Hey was it
2018-12-20 9:31:04 am
this is ridiculous
2018-12-20 3:05:54 pm
Doesnt matter
2018-12-25 4:58:01 pm
I think it's time to eat roasted rabbit chat smile
2019-01-21 3:36:31 pm
2019-01-23 1:01:49 am
2019-03-03 4:07:28 pm
Believe it he is not nuts
2019-04-09 1:09:52 pm
Hi was in hospital several weeks, Bud hi vol back de nect days fit vhatting griende.
2019-05-03 3:46:57 am
enya iss my best friend.
2019-06-06 8:26:41 pm
2019-06-27 9:40:44 pm
2019-07-01 11:06:10 pm
It looks nice but need to stay and see ... let's find someone great! All the best to all of you guys
2019-07-10 3:39:57 am
2019-07-12 2:02:02 am
Hey Anna, what's up?
2019-08-16 1:12:07 am
That SSL bullshit costs too much money
2019-11-02 7:36:02 am
I have lotst my Messgee Connection can you help me
2019-11-02 5:16:56 pm
Go to help desk, Caramia. They can assist you there.
2019-12-12 10:50:57 am
how long will this laST
2019-12-12 2:46:50 pm
thanks for your can message me as long as you wihs...thanks Minx.
2019-12-12 2:47:19 pm
I did leave a comment Rupert
2019-12-12 2:50:30 pm
if you wish to messaage me you will find it on your profile page. I have good friens on my message page. you are welcome.. Minx
2019-12-21 11:30:29 am
hi love buzzen its a good chat!
2020-01-29 10:42:49 pm