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The Light is On

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Melody™ (Melody, Song)
Female - Canadensis, United States
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Posted: 2022-02-15 11:36:54 pm Category General Viewed 92 times Likes 2

The monsters returned, from long ago, out of the dark.  But this time, I did it.  I turned the light on.  I stood above them, and roared in their faces...that they did not hurt me, I would not give them that.  Inside I knew, this was not true.  I was hurt but will not cry.  What help would it be, for me to rage, too much time has gone by.  I turned the light on, and sent them on their way, wishing it had not taken me so long,  sad for what I may have missed in this life,  The wheel turns, every cog a new lesson.  A long time for redemption, but I win.  


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