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Current Mood: Contemplative
BoldFaceEye (David, *)
Male - 62 years old, The Piedmont, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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Diet, Excercise, Health, Nutrition and the grow your own veggies vegan way of life. 

Old Tech. Underappreciated value and hidden inner beauty.

Seed catalogs. Wooden Pallets. Sustainability. Mayberry Days.

Restoring, Recycling and Reconfiguratiing 

Old and New Alchemy and Being a Master gardener

Vintage Movies: especially "film noire" and Female jazz vocalists from the 40's

Books that tell what happned and more importantly...why

Finding my One Thing.

"One never knows" (Fats Waller)

" You know what the secret to life is? thing. You stick to this and everything else doesn't mean shit". (Curly Washburn)