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ZoyaPhy (*, *)
Female - The Gorean Frontier , United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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                                                                                     TAKE NOTICE

I'm married, I'm not here to find love in the real world, I do not and will not use other servers, Skype, or FaceBook,  nor will I exchange emails, phone numbers, text messages or photographs. We are never going to meet in the real world, this fantasy realm is as far as it goes

 In Haigans homestead with His girls at The Gorean Frontier, , as a Phy, I look for no slave or companion , I have 2 guards Booger and Goober , they are enough ,

 for sign language for the song changes  from ozzy and kelly osbourne !  something fun for some to learn copy and past to youtube by soph 1951 my immortal  copy and past to youtube ,