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Aishah (aisha, *)
Female - 42 years old, -, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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  I have traveled so many realms the past 20 years , M/S was the first that I became a savage , then turned over to a Gorean Master , from the old Gor ,still not the cookie cutter slave to who owned this one , after 10 years of freedom I have traveled to other realms , to still know I'm still savage , missgif at heart , savage to help and save others ,I will fight for others and Oneself , .it is who I am , I thrive R/P  not chit chat in a room , I thirst for structure in a Home , R/P to the fullest , nothing less , I get bored  easy if it is not there , I am true to a home and it's R/P  , that's all it takes,  a true home to its name , I have met a LOT of You in Buzzen who do not meat any of what it is to be true to Your name or home sadly ! I guess iI nwwd to say ... I do not go to chat rooms for a lot or reasons ,I do not Skype for a big reason, I will not to go to other realms to chat , If You wish to talk to Me and get to know Me ? then messagesing is it untill I know You very well , all who knows Me knows this , If Your name is blocked ? then yep that is You thats shows Me to not trust and stay away from ,  under protection of Asporiche some one I do trust besides one other , be well take care ,