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Current Mood: Determined
Pagan witch (pagan, *)
Female - 61 years old, Newcastle, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Widow/Widower

Updated: 2016-04-09 10:05:01 am Viewed 1,906 times Likes 2

i have a flirty & friendly nature which gets me in trouble. good witch with the tendancy to be bad. rattle my cage suffer the consequences..i am too damned honest for my own good, i dont have a problem telling it as it is. if you cant handle the answer, dont ask the question. i only have 1 golden rule, dont try to treat me like a fool. you may think you got away with it, but start looking over ya shoulder, ya silly twit.for those who dont know i love my husband so dont try to cyber me.. i'm into spiritual healing, which i do in my spare time. i will help anyone i can if you are honest with me, i dont like liars.. i help people pass over into the next life if i can..
i am hopelessly in love with my grandson duncan, he is the light in my life & my Granddaughter Summer..

i love 4wdriving,, i also love horse riding,though since i hurt my back i no longer ride, i read a fair bit, i love music, well most music... practising witchcraft..

wicca,,writing,, enjoying life, anything outdoors. running my online coven which takes up a lot of my time. healing lost souls... researching paranormal stuff on the net.. chatting with friends i have made in chat..

get a taste of religion,, lick a witch...
i believe in dragons, good men & other fantasy creatures.
it wasnt me it was my evil twin.....