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Radnor (*, *)
Male - 59 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Been a part of Gorean Lifestyle online for many many years...Have left returned a few times..there is a part of Me who always has the need to return..and feel whole again..ask me more and I will explain..simple chat..

also if you seek more active Gor..that is for anyone who is interested..leave a message Gor seems to have died here..unfortunately  

If you wish to chat More..and you use skype please add Me only those seriously interested in active gor  or just simple chat bout Gorean Lifestyle online




I will make this clear I am Gor I am not huge in Gor RP I wish to have a online relationship..basically and she may need to go outside of buzzen 



I must  make it clear..altho rp is fun and its how I found Gor..I truely seek relationship with maybe small amount of rp and to be willing to go outside of buzzen?? so only serious females who seek a Master as much as I seek...girl...



Radnor Smith on skype   thanks


WHY CAN'T PLAYERS READ PROFILES...if your real and want to know more bout Me come to ME DON'T WASTE MY TIME PRETENDING