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Radnor (*, *)
Male - 59 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Been a part of Gorean Lifestyle online for many many years...Have left returned a few times..there is a part of Me who always has the need to return..and feel whole again..ask me more and I will explain..simple chat..Gorean Master seeks to find..his slave heart..mind body and Me find you 

also if you seek more active Gor..that is for anyone who is interested..leave a message Gor seems to have died here..unfortunately  

If you wish to chat More..and you use skype please add Me only those seriously interested in active gor or seeks a Gorean Master..or just simple chat bout Gorean Lifestyle online

In all honesty I do seek to find my slave who will join Me in my home (elsewheres) no players need apply I have had my fair share..I miss owning miss controling her mind body and soul and hope to win over her heart   FIND ME

I made a room called Master_Radnor_Chamber its invite only type room..if you wish to speak and just get to know each other..this is not capturing or forcing its  a non public type room invite only so send me a message here or on Skype..and we can chat freely..NO PLAYERS need apply



I will make this clear I am Gor I am not huge in Gor RP I wish to have a online relationship..basically and she may need to go outside of buzzen 



I must  make it clear..altho rp is fun and its how I found Gor..I truely seek relationship with maybe small amount of rp and to be willing to go outside of buzzen?? so only serious females who seek a Master as much as I seek...girl...



Radnor Smith on skype   thanks


WHY CAN'T PLAYERS READ PROFILES...if your real and want to know more bout Me come to ME DON'T WASTE MY TIME PRETENDING