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Kyna (Kyna, Agrippas)
Female - 44 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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 The pictures in my albums are not me, nor do I claim them to be.  Rather they are photos I like that I think reflect my personality.  And for those who don't understand, a Ds relationship is just that:  a relationship.  It is not from the get-go, "I say, you do."  It is not kinky sex (BDSM).  Rather, it's each person saying, "I give of myself to you," and is based on trust, honesty, and communication.  The dominant's role is one of nurturing, not domineering, their submissive or slave so that he or she feels unafraid to make the commitment to their dominant.  The submissive's role is to be honest and open with themselves and for their dominant, with a willingness to learn.  The other things associated with dominant-submissive relationships only happen with a solid foundation of trust, honesty, and communication.  Without it, neither the submissive nor dominant can grow, and there can be no Ds relationship.**


**Role-play age 26**

I carry on me a copy of my manumission papers, a length of binding fiber, and a quiva secured in my right boot (boots I only wear when necessary).  A matching quiva is secreted on my person.  I usually travel in the company of one of my personal guards, Boduk or Theo.  I have second knowledge and am fluent in the Earth language, English.  **Please note:  Because of the tedium of Scribe lessons in my younger days, I learned to throw things to pass the time, much to my father's disapproval.  I enjoy it both as a hobby and when necessary.  I'm very accurate.**

June 2015:  The daughter of Aedan, the late High Council Scribe of Ar, I was a free woman of my father's caste with closely guarded secrets until I was collared to Tagas, as witnessed by the Administrator of Lydius, Bart.  Though already marked with a small kef on the bottom of my right heel, I was also branded with a two-inch diameter circle, a letter T at the center of it, on the outside of my right thigh.

August 12, 2015:  I was sold to Albus Niall and was the scribe-slave for the City of Lydius.

August 13, 2015:  Pleased I begged his collar, my Master encircled my neck with rope.  A collar common to the peasants and a symbol both of his ownership and and my submission, my Master tied the ends together in a complex knot.  I had no interest in untying it.

November 21, 2015:  Due to real life commitments and needs, I was freed by Albus Niall and allowed by Barthello DuPree, Administrator of Lydius, to return to the caste of Scribes.  I am the Scribe of Lydius.  Let the throwing of fruit resume!

November 29, 2015:  I was given a blue stone threaded with white throughout it.  Only one other person knows the significance of the colors.  Thank you.

July 14, 2016:  I was made magistrate of Lydius. 

December 21, 2016:  Under guise, I received word from Minus, Administrator of Ar, that my father had been cleared of any wrongdoing.  I am hopeful this will end any threats to my life or liberty.

February 19, 2017:   I became the intended free companion of my childhood friend, Minus.

March 5, 2017:  I became the free companion to Minus in a small, intimate ceremony at his villa.

April 8, 2017:  My freedom was taken from me by my companion, Minus.  I am to be kept nude in his wagon until my former belongings are retrieved from Lydius.  In Ar, I will be clothed in silks and kept at either my Master's villa or the home that had belonged to my father.

April 11, 2017:  Believing I had learned my lesson, Minus, Administrator of Ar, freed me, restored me to the caste of Scribes, and returned what property I'd had as a free woman to me.  It may be time for a vacation, though I remain a citizen of Ar.


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Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live, they can not tell you ; they do not have tongues; do not ask the wise man how to live for, if he knows , he will know he cannot tell you; if you would learn how to live , do not ask the question; its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words; do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so.  ~Marauders of Gor, pg. 9