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Female - 48 years old, TX, United States
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Hello chat smile 

There have been times when I may have;

disturbed you,

troubled you,

pestered you,

irritated you,

bugged you, or

got on your nerves,

So today I just wanna tell you that...

I PLAN TO CONTINUE !   chat smile  chat smile 



I may be on the side of Angels, but don't for one second think that I am one of them. 




Courage is fear that has said its prayers.


No use brooding over it. It just gets too deep into your head. I don't allow myself time to think about things so I don't get scared. Just nod and go. Keeping that adrenaline smocked brain focused on real things that will make the difference between a ride and a bust. Riding a bronc is a fleeting encounter for something impressive, an expression of the wilderness of the horse.

Your aim is to try to maintain focus while you're on top of an exploding animal that's going 10 times faster than you thought it could. The grip on the rein, the tightening of your fingers around the mane. Riding an untamed horse is nothing trailblazing but rather a throwback to a forgotten time, Its still part of the working life on a ranch. The goal is to stay on the bucking horse until the balance has shifted, its wildness has waned in your refusal to be unseated.

Experience comes with practice. Some horses buck like hell twisting unpredictably in mid air to rid themselves of a rider, others race without once rearing up. Bronc riding is like a fiercely uncooperative pairs event. I prefer bareback because I once got my foot caught in a stirrup and was dragged through the dirt, with horse hooves thundering close by my head. The horse raced while tossing it's thousand pound body into the air and snapping its flanks into contortions that seemed to defy all possibilities. It left me face down in the dirt, gritting my teeth getting up on wavering feet. It's like finding your way from the haunches of chaos back to solid ground.

The lesson I learned is to make sure you baby-powder your boots and get socks that allow boots to slip off if they get caught up in a stirrup when you get dragged across the dirt on your head and get your feet nearly jerked off, so you can get up from that and stand up, limp a little, grin and walk off...         

                                                                                                                                                                    Peace and Blue Jeans-



      "I'll Tell you more in another life, when we are both cats!"  chat smile