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Current Mood: Mischievous
¤Ɛѕmé¤ (Esmé, *)
Female - 46 years old, Tx, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single, not dating

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I'm the kinda of woman that will hike with you to the top of the devils backbone and challenge you at the last 50 yards to a race and I might just beat you!  chat smile

Independence is a great thing. I love my freedom. That includes independence from living an expected “normal” life. I’m in my forties and single, never married, and don’t plan on it anytime in the future,no kids. I get the 'mhm' looks and comments – although less than I used to because I’m getting older now. I'm just not a "go-along-with-the-crowd" kind of person. I feel very strongly that each of us must live our life on our own terms and not some “one size fits all” definition of life. I say, stay true to yourself and never stop following your heart.  



My taste in music ranges from country to classical and everything in-between. My favorite workout song is 'Manic' by Michael Sembello (Flashdance) and 'Don't stop the Music' by Rihanna. Yeah it's got to have a great rhythm!




Working on that list...


Bucket list:

Wingsuit flying and errrr...working on that list as well


Everything else:

ack!!!! I'm just a work in progress no finishing date expected 


2 points if you can guess what movie this quote is from:

"I'll Tell you in another life when we are both cats!"