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Current Mood: Accomplished
Female - 49 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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Lets see......................................................            

 Being myself facing who I am wasn't something easy in the begining. Looking in the mirror and realizing that who I am is a gift and I proudly accept it now. I also learned not to care what others think or say beause I am who I am and I wont ever change for anyone.

Submissive is very special but being submissive/slave is even more special to me. Life is lived only once and I'm living it up to who I am. Sometimes I'm shy and quiet and stay to myself then at times I come out and I'm soft spoken. Meeting O/others has helped me be myself and I will always cheerish that. I will say now I know the real meaning to whips and chains excite me.Always thought that song had no meaning to it.

I also love baking and creating cakes of my own and sharing my talent with O/others. Some of my cakes I posted and hope Y/you do enjoy what Y/you seechat smile