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~~ Mistletoe ~~ (dixie gal, XXXXXXXX)
Female - 50 years old, xxxxxx., Canada
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 ever find yourself victim of other people's bitterness,smallness,or insecurities,remember  things could be worse ..YOU COULD   BE THEM ...

 Take   criticism   as a challenge to improve, embrace it and learn from it. ..

  d on't      worry    about  the  people in your  past  ====there is a  reason they   are not  in your  future.. .      

  Some  people should be forced to carry a plant  around with them, to  replace  the oxygen they waste.....

   I want to thank all the people who may have  been backstabbing  and betraying me as I am now able to 

   cut you from my know who you are...

BE HAPPY...enjoy every moment  of your life, life is too short  to waste  on grudges, laugh when you can,

apologize when you should and let go of  what you cannot change......