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The_Voyager (The_Voyager, *)
Male - Upstate NY, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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I'm a very active fun loving guy, but I can be dead serious, when I have to be. chat smile  I look, act, and feel years younger than I actually am, both physically and spiritually. In fact, I have friends in Two Generations, both younger and older. If you really want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask, and I'll tell you. chat smile

Basically, my Interests are the same as my Hobbies. I am looking to make friends, and perhaps find that special someone, who might just think about life as I do, and who is willing and able to keep up with my active lifestyle. But, more importantly, someone with whom I can share not only my Interests, but perhaps, a whole lot more, as well.

[url=]in which I have recently begun to act.[/url]

"Don't Worry about the World coming to an end today. It's already Tomorrow in Australia." -- Charles M. Schulz ( Peanuts Creator ) "Everywhere is Walking Distance if you have the Time." - Steven Wright   "What happens if you get scared half to death twice?" - Steven Wright    "May the Happiest Days of your Past, be the Saddest Days of your Future!" - Me