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Current Mood: Peaceful
Deity_Of_Wit (Deity , *)
Male - 39 years old, Bradenton, Fl, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: In a Relationship

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I'm just this guy.. you know. I'd like to think of myself as one of the few truely "decent" men that exist. Anything else is up to conversation. I'm very outwardly spoken and have little patience for blatant stupidity.

(In no particular order except the "my kids" part.)My kids - Playing my guitar - Gymnastics - Auto mechanics

Life's short and hard, like a bodybuilding elf.  -The Bloodhound Gang
Chat is a good waste of what could be an amazing masturbatory session.-Me, the Deity

kidvegas : I like men.

I miss the olden days of chat.