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Zἶყօմ (Ziyou, .)
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Roleplay Profile 

(photos used are simply photos of how i, the typist thinks my Char looks)

Roleplay stabilized age 25


On 10-23-17  I made it back to Pulchra Cottage where I drew up my very own papers since Uthred couldn't, signing them with my Old Seal giving myself the name Ziyou, meaning freedom.
(This is a fact that would not just be known unless you were actually in that scene with me and none were so there it is... my papers look legit and are a mystery.)
It is my intentions having no ties or loyalties to anyone to stay wild in the trees.
Life is a daily struggle for one who is nt sure where they belong.


Captured while traveling by a Tuchuk and carried off on 3-7-17
Enslaved and whipped into submission on 3-8-17

On 3-16-17 was sold to a BakerLady for a silver tarn disk found on the ground outside The Tuchuk camp. Given yellow slave silks to wear on the day she was bought from new Owner.

Expected to serve the Free in any manner demanded of her and may be punished in a suitable manner shy of death and permanent maiming.

On 3-21-17 A She-urt caught her alone in camp and cut a large portion of her hair off to sell, red hair is rare on Gor after all.

On 3-22-17  her Mistress made her serve like her collar and life depended on it, for it did... and... jazlyn felt beautiful for the first time by the time she was done, short hair and all.

5-2-17 wandering looking the Northern Forest trying to find her way back to Pulchra Cottage hoping to find her Owner or maybe learn something of her whereabouts.

5-11-17 figuring she was abandoned after more than a few hands of wandering alone she returned to her old home to live alone deep in the overgrown forest knowing very few if any knew how to find the place.

Bound and collared in the bond circle of Uhtred Ragnar this day 5-24-17 after followng Him to His hold in the Hrimgar Mountains.
My Jarl gave me the name brida which means "strong".

He keeps me naked in the Hold and i am to serve the visiting Free in the ways of a bondmaid. When outside as it pleases my Jarl, i am to wear slave silks or gifted skin dress from aiaila in warm weather except when working and then i am to wear a kirtle and when cold i am to wear leather skirts and woolen tunics

Permssion must be given by Uhtred for any sexual use by the Free...this girl can be fondled and touched at the Free's desire as that makes me needy for my Jarl's use.

On 5-26-17 it pleased my Jarl to brand His bond-maid. On right leg, mid-thigh a Kef brand can and will be found, on the fleshy portion of left breast a small dina and on left leg, mid-thigh is my Jarl's mark - UR.

On 6-2-17 it pleased my Jarl to make brida a pierced ear girl, in each ear by His own hand silver loops with a slave bell were placed and also that horrible slave wine was given, it was most awful!

On 7-14-17 Lady Dahna gifted me with a yellow bina that my Jarl allowed me to keep.

On 7-17-17 my Jarl gifted me with a belly chain with coins dangling from the chain, two anklets dripping with bells and two toe rings!

On 10-21-17 I was set free due to the Hold Jarl being buried in Work & responsibilities.


Moreover, even if she is never enslaved, she is familiar with the duties of slaves and what is expected of them; if she should be enslaved she will know, on the whole, what is expected of her, what is permitted her and what is not; moreover, the Gorean girl is literally educated, fortunately or not, to the notion that it is of great importance to know how to please men; accordingly, even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparation and serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man's equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on. -Nomads of Gor; Book 4, Page 63

Yes, my dear, you are legally an animal. In the eyes of Gorean law you are an animal. You have no name in your own right. You may be collared and leashed. You may be bought and sold, whipped, treated as the master pleases, disposed of as he sees fit. You have no rights whatsoever. Legally you have no more status than a tarsk or vulo. Legally, literally, you are an animal.  -Explorers of Gor; Book 13, Page 316

Slavery to the woman is more than a sexual matter, though sexuality is intimately and profoundly involved in it, essentially, crucially and ultimately. It is an entire mode of being, an entire way of life, one intimately associated with love and service. -Vagabonds of Gor ; Book 24, Page 53

"What does the girl do in her free time?" asked Audrey.
"Much what she pleases," I said. "She will have friends among the other slaves. She walks, she visits. She exercises, she reads. Within limits she can do what she wants to do." -Beasts of Gor; Book 12, Page 249

Any slave girl, incidentally, addresses any free man as Master, any free woman as Mistress, though only one, of course, at a given time, is likely to be her true Master or Mistress. -Slave Girl of Gor; Book 11, Page 77

“The Goreans, often so cruel to one another, tend to have an affection for wildlife and growing things, which they regard as free, and thereby deserving of great respect." 
Page 238 - Captive of Gor 


"That she who in her heart wants to be a slavegirl, is already a slavegirl... Tribesman of Gor p.91 



Her Past:

Born to a Scribe Mother and a Physician Father in Ko-Ro-Ba,  Airlia grew up accustomed to the finest things while being highly educated in the Caste of a Scribe though nothing held her interest like singing a song for her parents and guests when they entertained, a love she was indulged in being a spoiled only child of her parent's union which also allowed her to learn well the skill of playing the Cezehar. 

Set up in a Free Companionship that lasted exactly the allotted time limit they were so ill suited, Airlia decided to travel and find her place where she fits in and feels at home in once again now that her parents have traveled to the City of Dust and she has nothing holding her anywhere.  

With trusted guards Moob, Jorge and Grogan she traveled to Rovere where she became the Free Companion to the Man Becket Priory on 4-8-16 where they lived in the city peacefully, though when the Companionship time was over, the vows were not renewed due to Becket taking a Scribe post that carried him to the far corners of Gor for an unknown length of time where he vanished never to be seen or heard from again. (He retired his char)

Airlia has a cottage in the Northern Forest, just north of Rive-De-Boise. There she lives alone with the exception of random guests and her slave yuta, named so because it means Earth in a language from her planet and serves as a reminder on many levels to her. Airlia captured the slave on her way back from visiting in Vendara, a city she enjoyed and ponders returning to in the future for many more visits and shopping. Always believing everything needs a name, Airlia named the Cottage she took up residence in Pulchra Cottage, pulchra meaning beautiful, a name she found fitting due to the over abundance of the flowers leading the way on and around the path as well as the surrounding area of the front of the Cottage and for the peace she has found living there under the blessing of Auralee who lives not far in the forest with her slaves in what is called the Lair.

Airlia's learning to live on, with and off the land, something that she never dreamed of before knowing the freedom of living free of a man or family members to answer to now that she has settled in the middle of the trees of the Northern Forest and the raw beauty of Gor she decided to accept and take a temporary Scribing job on Tyros and it is there she is to see about the mystery they wrote to her about.

Finishing her job, Airlia took a ship to the mainland and then a Tarn ride was taken to bring her sooner rather than later to her destination where she found a skin dress and boots awaiting her which comes in handy while she is in the trees visiting Auralee when not busy writing about all she had seen, or learning to cook while she awaits winter to be over and yuta's return.



I rejoiced that in at least one city on Gor the free women were not expected to wear the Robes of Concealment, confine their activities largely to their own quarters, and speak only to their blood relatives and, eventually, the Free Companion.

I thought that much of the barbarity of Gor might perhaps be traced to this foolish suppression of the fair sex, whose gentleness and intelligence might have made such a contribution in softening her harsh ways. To be sure, in certain cities, as had been the case in Ko-ro-ba, women were permitted status within the caste system and had a relatively unrestricted existence.
Indeed, in Ko-ro-ba, a woman might even leave her quarters without first obtaining the permission of a male relative or the Free Companion, a freedom which was unusual on Gor. The women of Ko-ro-ba might even be found sitting unattended in the theater or at the reading of epics. Outlaw of Gor     Book 2     Pages 49 - 50

Then he turned her about, and kissed her. She melted to him, her lips to his. I do not know how else to express it. I have never seen it in a free woman. I have seen it only in slave girls, at the lips of their masters. Hunters of Gor  Book 8  Page 69

( This is a profile for roleplay purposes and not intended to cross over into my very real and very private life. )

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