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Current Mood: Flirty
Arіel (Ariel, *)
Female - 24 years old, Pennsylvania , United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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hey hey!   name's ariel, i'm 24 and live in Philly alone with my cat.  it's fitting that my cat makes it into the opening as i find him endlessly entertaining.   yeah, i'm one of those girls, total red flag and you should probably run!   i know being trapped at home as been stressful, depressing and frustrating for some, but i for one am flourishing.   it's as if natural selection is finally turning towards us sheltered introverts.   so the next thing people usually ask is how freaking small are you?!   the answer is VERY!   yeah i'm all of 4'11" and 97lbs, but put me in some heels and i almost pass for an adult so who cares right?!  interests!   so normal things:   music, reading, movies, gaming, gardening.   anything else you'll just have to ask me about!