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Female - 39 years old, *, Australia
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Когда я был бойцом, барабаны, которые они били, Люди разбрасывали золотую пыль перед ногами моей лошади; Но теперь я великий король, люди гонят мой след С ядом в моей чашке с вином и кинжалами за моей спиной

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ i buy high quality bras and ROLL my tits up like a burrito before shoving them in while bent at the waist

☕️cυρριє☕ had to unignore Fooker cause people were laughing about things he said

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : id have to like a person an awful lot to let him pee on me

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i keep on forgetting that just because i cant hear my farts when im wearing headphones, doesnt mean no one else can.

☕️cυρριє☕ : i vaue having a white kitchen that doesnt look like someone set it on fire

CreamScones : i went with a girlfriend to an Adult store this one time....

Ѕίѕѕỳ™ : i know all guys cock size in chat

Duality : netta a relationship with me would involve talking about poop occasionally

Italian___LA : yes i am dick head

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : a dildo is an investment, down... try it

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : everything about me is buoyant now... but back when i was 18, it was mostly my tits. yep

CreamScones : i would only want to see him suck himself!

𝐉𝒖𝓭𝐲𝘼ƞȵ : i have seen lots of balls in my time

crashedNburnt : I'm not worth it belive me

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i WISH semen tasted like peanut butter