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Male - 30 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
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Owner Of !! NO Judgement!! chat room where everyone is welcome no matter sexuality and where all harrasment is kicked. for 18 and up only. 

My Name is Beast aka KC that is short for my real life name.  That I am funny, caring, nice, and will be me. Thats all that strangers will know my friends know me. I will also state that yes I am bisexual and more into men and yes I respect everyones sexuality the worst thing people get from me are hugs. I am not longer gonna let negative comments people decide things for me cause no matter what I am cared for maybe it be by 2 people or by a full room. I have realized to be myself and to just let these haters roll off my back. 

I also wanna make a comment please to those who think the can harrass people when ever they see fit please read the tos rules and regulations again. Cause I will be documenting and screen shotting any rude comments that pertain to me or my friends or my family members who join or are in this website. Last time I checked we were all mostly over 20. A wise friend told me that I am stronger then this and I shouldnt let any rude people control my life on here.  That I am cared for on here and loved. 

So with that said I will say this I get everyone has issues I get its the net everyone has been lied to sometime on the net but my simple advice realize not everyone the same and stop taking your anger out on innocent people. If you truly think everyone is the same who is new then you need to get some help. Stop judging people cause they are new. Also Advice if you can't give me a chance to get to know me or respect my friends or family then well thats our loss cause you miss out on the nicest people arond. 

Its time that people realize love, support and friends out beat the neagative ever time. I also will be posting a blog about this in more detail. I am gonna start having fun and being the goofy guy people love and care for and let the cards fall where they may but please understand this.  Please keep your negativity to yourself. I always be there for my friends, family and people I know in real life. 

Also thank you to everyone who has not judged me and who has been supportive over me I will always be grateful for you all. Also expect lots of hugs from me.  Also if your looking for a friend who wont judge you and who cares please say hello. 

Love beast.