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Current Mood: Devilish
Darkhighwayman (Dark, Highwayman)
Male - 46 years old, Just around the next bend in the road, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Updated: 2017-12-19 11:24:05 am Viewed 104 times Likes 1

Yes, that picture is not me, its from a movie about highwaymen. I liked it and wanted to use it so relax. Do I enjoy a spot of brigandry now and then, that is quite possibly true. Im straight and have a clippered up head now a days. About average height and build so not overly exciting on that measure. 

I'm fairly normal with the usual hang-ups and desires like any bloke. Have I tied a girl to my bed, yes. Has she tied me to the same bed, yes. Okay that was a little out of the blue. Anyway, getting back onto the task at hand. Im just a gentleman (mostly) looking to have a few chit chats with as normal of people as I might find. And possibly rob that coach you are in...

I first produced my pistol and then produced  my rapier and I said Stand and deliver or the Devil he may take ya.