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Current Mood: Good
Fury (*, *)
Female - 53 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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A Charming diplomat, with the skill and poise to make even the most wary of Goreans feel at ease in her presence. This, affording her the luxury of making her way through life as unobtrusively as possible.
Born in Port Kar, her Father , her Father's Father, and His Father before Him all having made their fortunes and living along the canals and docks of The Dark Jewel of Thassa. So, too, has She. She specializes in the transport expensive cargos and jewels. Currently inactive for a short number of years as she mourned the death of her Father.

Interests include: Shiny things worth coin, Blackwine, Well woven fabrics, Those cute little rence wrapped honey candies....

Physical Description: Standing at 52 horts and 30 stone with midwaist, dark, poker straight hair - most often kept out of the way in a rope-fashioned two-section braid when in Kar.

As a Karian Woman She often wears leathers, black boots, and a cream colored tunic cinched at the waist with a fabric belt. Various small blades and/or pins tucked away upon her person. She cleans up nicely for travelling in Burgundy robes and veils. Her body is not marked in any way.


Resides within : The Vosk Delta:  A Large swamp/marshland at western edge of Vosk River, where it meets Thassa. It is four to five hundred pasangs long, and treacherous and difficult to navigate. Its channels change almost overnight and is often little more than a trackless marsh. There is little visibility due to the rence plants. Its sluggish, muddy waters vary from a few inches deep to deep enough for a ship. The average depth, after the spring thaws upriver, is three to five feet. It is teeming with wildlife. The eastern portion has fresh water.  Ships from Thassa cannot pass through the delta to the Vosk River due to the delta’s almost impassibility.


In this world you reap what you sow. The amount of sunshine and water matters not when you've poisoned every living, breathing, thing around you. Do you understand the definition lunacy? 

Warum sollten wir die Dinge einfacher machen, wenn wir sie komplizierter machen können?