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Oct 9, 2019 -  Known and regular disruptor TakeNoBull was spamming the Borders room.  People are commenting about him.  So I say:

GreenUU : Well, and then when he comes in and stays, people here reward him by engaging with him

Which prompts host "halwah" to say:

halwah : myob green

TakeNoBull immediately comes in, pastes some crap in, then leaves again, per usual.  So I say:

GreenUU : That Bull comes in and disrupts a chatroom I participate in is, in fact, "my business" to mind.

This is too, too much for halwah's delicate sensibilities (aka her total inability to not handle anyone disagreeing with her), so we then get:

 You have been kicked out by halwah. Reason: (ban 24 hrs).

Yet another illustration of a host that is simply unqualified, unfit to be a host.  Fragile.  Her only method of dealing with people who might offer up a different opinion than hers about the room dynamic is to ban them.  For 24 hours, which is far, far more than truly obnoxious right-wingers in there get (typically 15 minutes if anything).

Life goes on.



Example attitude of a host in the HateIt room, followed by incompetent hosting from Borders:


GreenUU : You seem to have tons of anger against anyone who doesn't agree with your personal views.

[10:04a] maineconch : hardly. I have anger toward someone who is stalking my FB account

[10:04a] GreenUU : You look like a decent guy in your FB pics - it seems at odds with the venom you dole out here against any liberal. If I lived next door to you, would you speak to me like this?

[10:04a] GreenUU : Your page is public.

[10:05a] maineconch : how did you get my name?

[10:05a] GreenUU : And: you were angry at all of us liberals long before the FB thing.

[10:06a] maineconch : hold off...Why did you not ID yourself? Or are you too afraid to be forthright?

[10:06a] GreenUU : Seriously, if we were neighbors, and we saw each other across the yard and I said good morning, would you say things like, "what's in your sick little mind today?" Is that how you interact with liberals in person? I'm curious.

[10:07a] maineconch : Answer my question....or are you so damn afraid to come in from the shadows?

[10:07a] maineconch : that is sneaky and frankly sick!

[10:07a] GreenUU : That's fairly ironic since you're not answering my questions. I choose not to have my actual name public.

[10:08a] › KαTTʂ has joined the conversation.

[10:08a] GreenUU : Good morning, Katts.

[10:08a] maineconch : look...Green...YOU stalked my FB page in the shadows

[10:08a] maineconch : you know my ID....and yet I cannot know you...that makes you a coward

[10:09a] maineconch : you cannot deny it

[10:09a] GreenUU : Still, my question stands: if we were neighbors, and we saw each other across the yard and I said good morning, would you say things like, "what's in your sick little mind today?" Is that how you interact with liberals in person? I'm curious.

[10:09a] maineconch : you have no honor...

[10:10a] maineconch : look Green....we are talking about a person's invaded it and now you say I will not answer your questions?? You began this merry-go-round.....not me

[10:10a] GreenUU : It's interesting how you are not taking accountability for the fect YOU are the one who revealed (to some here) who you are. I didn't do that. You did. Someone told me your name on FB. That's not something I am accountable for.

[10:11a] maineconch : I do not like sneaks.....moles or weak people...

[10:11a] maineconch : I ASKED you 3 times...a decent man would have identified themselves...

[10:11a] maineconch : you did not...

[10:12a] GreenUU : You revealed your name here. That's not something I'm responsible for.

[10:12a] maineconch : if you ever bring this up in chat me you will never be allowed in this chat room again

[10:12a] GreenUU : I didn't bring it up. You did.

[10:12a] maineconch : I am asking you why you did not ID yourself?

[10:12a] maineconch : do not try and deflect

[10:12a] GreenUU : You asked me what thoughts I had this morning, and I answered you.

[10:13a] GreenUU : I answered: I choose not to reveal my name here. To ANYone. My choice. I'm free to make that choice. You can make a difference choice - you did, in fact.

[10:13a] maineconch : you want to remain stalked me on my identified yourself....THAT is the issue

[10:13a] maineconch : you are one pathetic soul....

[10:14a] maineconch : and do not intimate for one second I would ever ID you in chat....but on my personal FB page....a decent person would have...plain and simple

[10:15a] maineconch : 'Hi Ben...this is Green'......that is what a decent person would do

[10:15a] GreenUU : I chose not to tell anyone my name. You made a different choice. We were both free to do that. It's not my fault you revealed your name here. And your FB page is not private, it's public. Anyone can look at it. You didn't choose to lock it down. Again, that's not something I'm responsible for.

[10:15a] You have been kicked out by maineconch. Reason: get lost (ban 24 hrs).


maine illustrates again his pettiness and bitter nature.  I had just entered the room and had said nothing.  Note that I refer to the room in shorthand, the "HateIt" room, not the "Hate room".  maine is doing his best, however, to make it a room of hate - hate for anyone who dares to hold political opinions not matching his.  In a room with "Debate It!" in the title, lol:


[07:16a] maineconch : talk to yourself

[07:16a] maineconch : call this the Hate room....fine by me....

[07:17a] maineconch : but we do not need to endure it

[07:17a] You have been kicked out by maineconch. Reason: (ban 24 hrs).



And then there is halwah from Borders, another incompetent host.  sawdustman told her to fuck off, but she won't ban for that... but if I comment on her hosting, oooooooh, snowflake time, lol:

halwah : sawdustman9 : halwah shut the fuck up with that

[10:01a] sawdustman9 : cant ever spell swears

[10:01a] GreenUU : You banned me for far less, halwah - just ban him instead of whining, for God's sake

[10:01a] You have been kicked out by halwah. Reason:



Of course, the "Politics, Friends and Faith has a gem of an owner also, "Beastly Oyster" aka Steve.  Guest_whooparse and I were chatting, but Steve couldn't stand not wielding his chatroom power.  Remember, this guy calls himself a Christian:


βeαşŧζγ۰Øўѕτεя : Hillary Clinton: Trump Asked ‘Foreign Power to Help Him Win an Election. Again.’ “The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again,” Clinton wrote on Twitter.<---------------------LYING CORPULENT SLUT NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD

βeαşŧζγ۰Øўѕτεя : Dem cocksuckers are shittiong asll over the streets or masking it hazardous to walk with asll the needdles or murdering the innocent = babies they fuckin our country up one way opr the other . Take the Communist Judge out and hang his corrupt ass

and the inevitable ban from the snowflake:


βeαşŧζγ۰Øўѕτεя : Green save the hubris... no ones knocking u for acting talking aand being built like a bitch

Guest_whooparse : i noticed

βeαşŧζγ۰Øўѕτεя : bring that smarmy shit in here again and it will be permed

Guest_whooparse : chill beast , i like the sparring

You have been kicked out by βeαşŧζγ۰Øўѕτεя. Reason: IN FACT I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR ANY HOMOSEXUAL TODAY (ban 24 hrs).