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My Master my black phoenix

These Last 2 songs might come from a movie that has nothing to with our lifestyle but its how he makes me feel  LOVE YOU MASTER 

 blackrose i am His darkest desire, I have fully submitted to Him with the offering of my blood I have given my heart my mind my soul He is my true Master I am  His ever powerful, content and obedient slave i will serve in whatever ways He commands. i am here to fulfill His every whim, desire, darkest fanatics and need. i do so with honor, pride and joy! to please Him, brings the utmost pleasure to her. He is the one that makes me feel whole 

blackrose i am resident and member of The Red Door ( ~RD~ ) and as such am under the protection of the Home and its Owner.  any issues with me are to be taken to Master Draven and He will deal with them. Any interest in joining the home may be brought to Draven or His hosts.

blackrose i am here to please, and be pleasing. That said, i am here to please Men. i am sorry but if you are a submissive or slave you do not command me. nor am i required to drop everything to please you.

blackrose there is only One who makes demands upon her she will serve Him until her final breath. He is the only One who has any say in what she does or does not do, and when. should she be serving You, she has done so by choice or His command. also, she will serve One at a time. while in service to One, she will not stop simply to placate the ego of Another. she will stop only upon the command of her Master until released by the One she may be serving at that time. please understand this,  her Master has the ultimate, and final say. any issues with her may be sent to Him with scrolls of the interaction. This one will not scene with anyone she does not know if you would like to have a scene with me come in let me serve you a drink and let me get to know you a bit 

blackrose  My personal life is just that, personal You are not entitled to or owed any information or images, social media that I am not inclined to share.

blackrose BRANDED with a D to her upper right thigh. she carries this mark with all the honor and pride that should be shown. she is blessed beyond belief to have been so marked.

blackrose gifted from her Master on Hallowe'en 2018, a black iron anklet with gold enlace of her name. thank You Master, for such a beautiful gift. she wears this with happiness and pride!

blackrose on the date of November 20 2018 her Master gave her a silver armband. the scrolled lettering of RedDoor sg engraved into the shining metal. it is upon her left arm and she cannot think of anything that brings her more pride. This is such an honor i promise to serve the house and my Master with honor and pride and fire in my heart make him proud of me every day