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Current Mood: Cheerful
Haigan (*, *)
Male - Gorean Frontier, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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First, and most importantly, I have absolutely NO reason to be unhappy with My life or the things and people in it, so I'm not going to be. I refuse to be. I have FAR more than I truly deserve and for that, I am thankful and appreciative. I have been blessed by Fortune and Fate and I am very mindful of that fact. I'm going to enjoy what I have been given because that is what gifts are meant for.

"Thank You Fortune and Fate, I remain Your humble servant."


I tend to be a peaceable man but if you make trouble that's going to change very quickly. It isn't that I'm overly fond of any of the other Citizens around here, I'm just very territorial and protective of Our shared Home Stone. I'm affable enough when I'm in the right mood for people, but I'm not exactly friendly and not known to be overly tolerant of anyone. I'm wary of everyone and particularly suspicious of Strangers.

I have a small but thriving hard-won homestead among the foothills of the Boswell Pass, usually keep to Myself, and generally tend to mind My own business. 

I roam sections of the Thentis and Voltai Mountain Ranges, venture into the borderlands of the Barrens and prowl the lowlands of the Pass plying My trade. I've never had to travel more than three days distance, by kaiila back or sled team, from My cabin to hunt or fish or trade and with no real interest in the world beyond the borders of My Home Stone, I see very little reason to want to.

Wherever I go I go there with a purpose, always packing everything I need to carry it out.

I am the very proud Owner of the girls amari, aushmi, and cheree.




I'll be perfectly clear so that there are NO misunderstandings if you choose to visit "The Gorean Frontier."

Our Home is an ADULT themed Gorean chatroom open to the general public and it is REQUIRED that anyone entering it WILL conduct themselves in a mature and adult-like manner at all times.

ANY member of Our Home absolutely MAY, after ONE warning, remove a nonmember for a second violation of Our standards of conduct.

Abusive or juvenile behavior from anyone will NOT be tolerated at any time.

Come to observe, to learn or to join the role-play and have some fun. Run wild, go nuts, create havoc, break some stuff.  We will tolerate that and deal with it as part of role-playing.

However, do NOT come into Our Home expecting to simply insert yourself into anyone else's role-play in order to attempt to (1) make everything about yourself, (2) to launch a personal verbal assault on, or (3) to strike up an intimate encounter with, anyone else just to make yourself feel better.

We will NOT tolerate drama queens, bullies or perverts. Handle your stress like a normal mature adult before you join the role-play. Our Home is NOT a Psychiatrists office, a grade school playground or a whorehouse and you WILL be removed for trying to turn it into one.

We all have bad days in the real world and role-play is our escape from that. NO-ONE will be allowed the generally assumed privilege of bringing their frustrations into the role-play of Our Home in order to vent them on someone else who may also be here simply trying to escape their own bad day as well.

You will NOT be allowed to use those worn out old excuses of "I'm just keeping it Gorean" or "That's not how it was in MSN Gor" or "It wasn't like that in the Books" in order to attempt to claim justification for your own self-centered and juvenile behavioral problems which YOU need to correct outside of role-playing.

Gor is Gor, role-play is role-play, and bullshit is bullshit. Bad manners will earn you a swift boot in the ass.

If you act like a childish asshole toward anyone, for whatever reason, you are gone.

No warnings. No questions. No excuses. No apologies.

Click. Boom. Done. No exceptions.