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Current Mood: Contemplative
Haigan (11-26-17 amari, 12-04-17 alyson)
Male - GOR, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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6 Gf, 6 Gw...2Gf gladius, R hip...1Gf dagger, L hip...121 TB


Owner of amari 11-26-17, alyson 12-04-18 and alessandro 03-14-18.

I am, when left to it, a rather peaceful man, a builder and farmer, a traditional and resolute man, somewhat reclusive and easy going by nature, strict yet fair as a practiced habit. I am simply trying to live a quiet life in a manner consistent with My beliefs. 

I raise some livestock and a few crops, do a bit of smithing, woodworking and masonry along with a fair share of distilling. I also hunt, fish, forage, trade and gamble when time allows a moment of respite from other things which take priority. I'm usually found working around My homestone with My slaves, contentedly minding My own business while trying to avoid entanglements in the affairs of others when My conscience allows Me to look the other way.

I own a fine pair of slaves whom I work to train and discipline to My own liking, requiring them to be well mannered, useful, and diligent but not perfect. They serve others when given leave by Me to do so. They may be punished by any Free who has a justifiable grievance but any unwarranted harm which befalls them either by the ill intentions or malacious actions of Others will surely be answered for. 

I do not allow the use of My humble home as a bawdy wayside Tavern, I will share what hospitality I wish when and with whom I please. I maintain a private guest house with food and drink in the pantry, firewood by the door, a cistern of fresh water, a privy and small stable out back should the need for temporary quarters arise. 

I make it a custom to celebrate the days of My slaves acquisitions, marking the dates anew each month with those times being reserved as our's alone. 

"No justice, no civilization, no society, no community, no peace, without the sword there is nothing. There is no right, no wrong, only fact, a world of what is and what is not, rather than a world of what should and should not be. There is no justice until the sword guarantees it."  Tarnsman of Gor  

"What distinguishes us from beasts? I think particularly it is the sense of honor, and the will to hold one's ground."  Marauders of Gor 


Why do Roman legionaries wear the sword on the right hip?

They do so that they cannot swiftly draw the weapon and strike in one fluid motion in non-combat situations. The act of drawing the weapon is disconnected from the attack. It is impossible to draw the weapon and strike in one smooth action should tempers flare. There is a moment for him to regain control of his temper.


Chivalry is an informal code of the conduct and qualities expected of an ideal knight man especially valor, honor, justice, courtesy, gallantry toward women and a readiness to help the weak and the defenseless.


Omerta literally means "manhood" and refers to the concept of a man dealing with his own problems personally and without the help of a body of law,  it is the code of silence about an activity and the strict rufusal to divuldge confidential information or provide any evidence to an authority. Each man is obliged to redress personal grievances themselves.


Duello is the morally acceptable code of the duel which starts with a challenger issuing a traditional, public, personal grievance based on an insult, directly to the single person who offended the challenger. The challenged person then has the choice of a public apology or other restitution, or choosing the weapons for the duel. The challenger would then propose a place for the "field of honour". The challenged man had to either accept the site or propose an alternative. The opponents agree to duel to a specific condition, commonly either until one party was physically unable to continue the fight or was killed. When the specified condition was achieved, the matter was considered settled with the winner proving his point and the loser keeping his reputation for courage. If either party failed to appear, he was accounted a coward with the appearing party winning by default.