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Current Mood: Chipper
Haigan ( , )
Male - Gorean Frontier, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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First, and most importantly, I have absolutely NO reason to be unhappy with My life or the things and people in it, so I'm not going to be. I have been blessed by Fortune and Fate and I am very mindful of that fact. I'm going to enjoy what I have.

I can be a peaceable and hospitable man at times but that may change very quickly. I'm affable and generous enough but not exactly friendly and not known to be overly tolerant of anything or anyone.

I'm very territorial, keep to Myself and mind My own business. I have a modest homestead among the hills of Boswell Pass and tend to roam exclusively within select tracts of the Mountains, the Barrens, and the Pass.

I've never had to travel more than three days distance in any direction from My cabin to hunt or fish or trade but wherever I go, I go with a purpose and always packing everything I need.

Having no real interests beyond My own stomping ground, I see no reason to venture farther out into a world which for Me is of no concern. 

I am the very proud Owner of the girls amari, aushmi, and cheree.