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Current Mood: Thirsty
Male - 59 years old, *, Canada
Relationship Status: Married

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I'm a simple man.

I fly 10's of thousands of feet above the earth twice a month, and I go deep underground on a regular basis. I've been on ice roads and driven in blizzards. I've seen the tundra painted a lush green, a deep purple, and a white so brilliant it blinds. I've stood at the bottom of open pit mines so deep that you drive 3 km's to get from the top to the bottom. I've seen rabbits, fox, wolves, caribou and grizzly bears, not to mention hawks soaring above the ground looking for the rabbits, and ravens so big you have to wonder how they can fly. I've seen 3 suns rise in the morning and nights that last 18 hours. I've been spellbound by the northern lights and stood in awe of a night sky filled with so many stars that it numbs your senses. I've changed tires outside in -50 C as well as in the middle of the summer with so many mosquitoes buzzing around my head I dare not open my mouth. And throughout it all, I've been married to the same, incredible woman...

I'm a simple man.