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Current Mood: Recumbent
Kobal (*, *)
Male - 39 years old, *, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Gorean RP Profile:

Standing 5'4'' and weighing 140 pounds, he is far from impressive or memorable in stature or visage. He wears obscurity as a cloak and anonymity as a shield, allowing him to move unnoticed as he desires, across Gor. He uses swiftness, athleticism, discretion and powers of observation to navigate the treacherous landscapes of Gor, be it physical, cultural or politcal.

He is a mercenary. A sword for hire. He is a shrewd and crafty negotiator and to ensure he always gets his way, he will provoke, mislead and otherwise manipulate, in order to turn the situation to his advantage.

But despite the smoke and mirriors he may deploy in business, underneath it all, he is a warrior. A tarnsman, trained by a tarnsman father-a retired mercanary himself, his lineage can be traced back to the fearsome tarnsmen of Treve. Unlikely as he may be, with his diminutive size, giving up a considerable weight and strength advantage to most other combatants, his heart and determination carried him through the brutal training as he vowed to surpass all other warriors in skill. Using his unmatched quickness and agility along with a clever tactical approach, his fighting skills are second to none.

Now he commands his own legion of mercenaries he named "The Lightening Blades" in reference to the importance he places in striking swiftly and suddenly, like lightening. Many wonder why, with his cavalier atttiude toward traditional strategic conventions and in many cases common sense, and his willingness to discard everv war manual ever written, any warrior worth his salt would rally around him. Some say its this very reason that even the most battle harded, jaded warrior cannot help but want to witness and perhaps even learn some new tricks from this young mercenary's dubious, yet effective schemes. Others say his pockets are immesnely deep, being funded from some unknown source. Others yet say he is a just a mascot, kept around and allowed to bark orders for the real Captain's amusement. The truth may be none of those things, or some combination of all of them