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LadyV (*lani*, *)
Female - 41 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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"The Fate is upon her...." Her journey is just beginning. Will she survive the harsh world of Gor? Or will she perish in despair and loneliness? Will she be the slave that seduces her Master's loyalty and fidelity? Or will she be cast aside and abandoned to the wiles of the free men of Gor. She has much to learn and much to experience. 

He is Master, I am slave. He is Owner, I am owned. He comands, I obey. He is to be pleased, I am to please. Why is this? Because He is Master, I am slave. I live for my Master. His word is gospel. I am for His pleasures. I am slave. I am but to obey. 

lani is owned, a collared kajira of Jarl V of Adytum. she is free in her submission to her Master. 

Adytum is located along the Cartius River, a broad, fast-flowing tributary that flows into the Vosk river far to the south and west of Ar. It is composed of three rivers, the Cartius Proper, Subequatorial Cartius, and Thassa Cartius. It's name is taken from the word cart, a compass point indicating southwest. Ar is the capital of Gor, so Adytum would get the overflow from the ports or at Ar's Station.

Sar_Cabot_of_Vendara : no need... you may record this for future visits...

lani : what does Master wish lani to record?

Sar_Cabot_of_Vendara : lani is granted safe haven in Vendara, provided she remains respectful...Cabot

lani sighing in relief

lani : lani thanks Master Cabot for His generosity



laniV~ may not be used sexually, she may not be whipped or beaten without her Master's permission. she serves other's at the personal discrettion of her Master. if she is force collared by another she will die than submit to another Master or dishonor her own Master. 

9/11/17 she is chained at the pleasure of the Gor Forest Lair and all enquiries as to her release should be made within 7 days of this notice and with a bucket load of paga to go with said enquiry

9/11/17 she was given her freedom but owes a debt to the Pirate and His heathen slave for the lessons learned and her gratitude to the Huntress for her hospitality. 

10/30/17 her Master has made her a free woman and she will henceforth be known as LadyV companion to MasterV