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Mαɗιє ƲєуƖ ~ SƇR's Profile

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Mαɗιє ƲєуƖ ~ SƇR (Ka Rin, Suteuling)
Female - 55 years old, Fort Haskins, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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I hear the crowing of the cocks...and think of gumbo.

Thank You, Solveig, for the beautiful avatar pic! Wish I had that outfit for realz! ~ Madie

((This profile is  for Gorean ROLEPLAY patterned closely after John Norman's novels of the saga of Counter Earth. All names, events and activities blogged and/or chronicled are FICTITIOUS.))


June -1, 2018 - Became a Blood Sister to Lady_Şâscĥå_PĦ¥t¤. "Gor 4 Eva!"

May 6 2018 - Successfully raised to Scribe Caste. I keep the Scrolls.

Home Stone: Fort Haskins in the Boswell Pass

Caste Color is BLUE so I always have that color displayed in My daily wardrobe especially in the execution of My Caste Duties.

 Stats: 51.2 Horts tall (5'4"chat smile, 30.5 stone (122 lbs), dk brown hair, dk brown eyes, plain. Stabilization age: 26  Armed with Writing stick, rence scrolls, quill and ink. Personal protection tools: slave goad, curved dagger in blue leather and wood sheath at My waist, poisoned breast dagger. 

Owns:  alessandro, bella, Churro and Bucko (verr cart team), and Kiev McFluffyClaws (don't let the name fool you!)

On 6-28-18 I accepted the submission of bella. My steel adorns her lovely throat.

Professionally Escorted/Guarded By: Taij, Aren, and Fortres. Paranoid about My safety, My brother Gaius has retained a proper retinue - whether I approve or not, but they are a good crew. In addition to the above: Jamin, Rohanin, Chae Du, Philemon, and Grady. (note: NPC Guards/Escorts employed until such time as live persons become available)


Whispers are OOC/ Cup is AFK and OOP (Out of Play)


"The Scribes, of course, are the scholars and clerks of Gor, and there divisions and rankings within the group, from simple copiers to the savants of the city." — Tarnsman of Gor, page 44.


In taking companionship with one of the Warriors she would raise caste, for the Warriors on Gor are among the high castes, of which there are five, the Initiates, Scribes, Physicians, Builders and Warriors. In many cities only members of the high castes may belong to the city’s high council. Most Gorean cities are governed by an executive, the Administrator, in conjunction with the high council. Some cities are governed by a Ubar, who is in effect a military sovereign, sometimes a tyrant, whose word is law: The Ubar’s power is limited institutionally only by his capacity to inspire and control those whose steel keeps him upon the throne. Sword loyalty is a bond of fidelity sworn to the Ubar. Gorean warriors seldom break this bond. It is not sworn lightly. It is sworn only to those who are thought fit to be Ubar. When the Ubar is thought to be unfit, it is thought, too, he has dishonored the pledge of sword loyalty. It is not then uncommon for him to die beneath the steel of his outraged men. Only a Ubar, it is said, may sit upon the throne of a Ubar. Only when a true Ubar sits upon the throne is it said the pledge of sword loyalty is binding. It was my hope that the Lady Sabina would be happy. It was said she was much pleased to raise caste and would become, by this match, one of the high ladies of the Salerian Confederation, which was becoming powerful in the north. I did not think much of Thandar of Ti, perhaps because he was a man. I supposed he was not too pleased at being matched with a girl who was not of the five high castes, but surely he could appreciate the commercial and political significance of the match, and would be pleased to serve his city by doing his part. From the point of view of his father the bargain was a good one for Thandar was the youngest and least important of five sons; it was not as if his first or second son had been matched with a merchant’s daughter; besides the match was politically and commercially expedient; who knew how ambitious might be the aspirations of Ti, and the Salerian Confederation? Too, from Thandar´s point of view, if the match turned out to be a misery he, being a Gorean male of high caste, could content himself with bought women, who would fight one another and beg on their bellies to serve one such as he. 
Tribesmen of Gor, page 113, 114



"Come, let us speak honestly and practically with each Other." ~ Madie Veyl~FW


"Further, members of castes such as the Physicians and Builders use the fairs for the dissemination of information and techniques among Caste Brothers, as is prescribed in their codes in spite of the fact that their respective cities may be hostile. And as might be expected members of the Caste of Scribes gather here to enter into dispute and examine and trade manuscripts." — Priest Kings, page 9.