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Mαɗιє ƲєуƖ ~ SƇR's Profile

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Mαɗιє ƲєуƖ ~ SƇR (Ka Rin, Suteuling)
Female - 55 years old, Fort Haskins, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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((This is a profile for Gorean RP after the works of John Norman ONLY.  Names, events and activities blogged and/or chronicled are FICTITIOUS))


June -1, 2018 - Became a Blood Sister to Lady_Şâscĥå_PĦ¥t¤. "Gor 4 Eva!"

May 6 2018 - Successfully raised to Scribe Caste. I keep the Scrolls.

Home Stone: Fort Haskins in the Boswell Pass

Caste Color is BLUE so I always have that color displayed in My daily wardrobe especially in the execution of My Caste Duties.

 Stats: 51.2 Horts tall (5'4"chat smile, 30.5 stone (122 lbs), dk brown hair, dk brown eyes, plain. Stabilization age: 26  Armed with Writing stick, rence scrolls, quill and ink. Personal protection tools: slave goad, curved dagger in blue leather and wood sheath at My waist, poisoned breast dagger. 

Owns:  alessandro, bella, Churro and Bucko (verr cart team), and Kiev McFluffyClaws (don't let the name fool you!)

On 6-28-18 I accepted the submission of bella. My steel adorns her lovely throat.

Professionally Escorted/Guarded By: Taij, Aren, and Fortres. (note: NPC Guards/Escorts employed until such time as live persons become available)


Whispers are OOC/ Cup is AFK and OOP (Out of Play)


Free women take part in the commercial life of Gorean polities as men do, owning and managing businesses, lending coin, negotiating loans,

organizing caravans, investing capital, conservatively, or risking it variously, in real estate, voyages, commodities, and such,

in translating goods about to find the most favorable markets at a given time, and so on.

To be sure, much of this is done through male agents, as, in theory,

such concerns are regarded as beneath the dignity and attention of a free woman.

She is supposedly, in her dignity and nobility, above such crass concerns.

That she exists, in the glory of her freedom, that she is so different from the shameful female slave,

 that she adds luster to the city and its Home Stone, is enough;

that she be dedicated to refined and tasteful pursuits,

such as attendance at the theater, at song dramas, poetry readings, and such, is deemed sufficient.

In essence, the free woman, aside from being regarded as a priceless treasure,

so different from the slave who, as a beast, may be purchased for a given amount of coin, 

is considered an ornament to the city, an adornment to her polity.

But many grow wealthy and powerful, and others fail, and so on.

Swordsmen of Gor     Book 29     Page 264


"Come, let us speak honestly and practically with each Other." ~ Madie Veyl~FW

Life goes on despite attempts to distract it.

L'effort est Ma force.


"...statistically, sieges are almost always unsuccessful. That is why cities have walls, and such. Usually, too, within a city, there will be a citadel to which defenders may withdraw, which is likely to be next to impregnable. They are likely to be safe there even if the city is burned about them.  ~ Renegade of Gor (online copy)