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If memory serves Me correctly....

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Posted: 2019-08-30 11:43:29 am Category Lifestyle Viewed 840 times Likes 7

Going back to the days gone by ......specifically MSN & GCN Gorean roleplay...... When the Esteemed ThunderWolf was Head of the Physicians Caste..... NOT self appointed but by concensus of those who valued the AUTHENTICITY of the role of a Gorean doctor.... ie heads of Homes/ Leaders in the community that upheld STANDARDS and VALUES in role play. Working with real life experiences in the medical field as well as knowledge gleened from the novels written at the time.....the 5 High Castes had training communities whereby apprentice / trainees would undertake lessons both practical and theoretical for a period of weeks/ months and WORK towards attaining the status of Warrior/ Physician / Builder / Scribe / Initiate ( as well as other the other castes) ...... thus a baseline standard was agreed upon by Most of the other homes around at that time. This form of concesus helped to form a commumity of Goreans that knew their role play was as close to genuine as possible.

Was it perfect....No. Was there disagreements.....yes. But in the end people abided by the rulings. Why..... Integriy. Honour. Respect. ..... 

Those days are gone. Some of those people have passed on. I was there before TW left.  

If memory serves me correctly TW passed the leadership to Cade, then Cade passed it to Bashir....why......because They EARNT it! 

These days people pop up with with a High Caste persona without having done barely any study of the position.Without reading barely any of the books. They just whack some letters on the end of their nick and call themselves a builder or physician or what not.....and just make up bullshite story and role play like it's some kind of magical cartoon.......

People do not do time away after "retiring/ shelving" a character".... just create a new account the next day and when they get bored of that ..... shelve it and resurrect and old char. 

No respect. No honour. No integrity. No trust. 

" Old Gor" that I remember has gone. It wont come back. A lot of the people who made it great are not around any more. A few remain, just beyond the peripheral vision, but They are there. They remember. They know. They chose to not interact with the pretenders that are polluting the boards.

Respectfully, Lady Sacha and her typist. 

2019-09-02 4:59:44 am
I would have No idea who the last trained Warrior was...........
2019-09-02 5:16:11 am
Ajax or Thiery?
2019-09-02 1:40:46 pm
I believe Ajax recieved his W before I did.