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Female - 97 years old, *Tarragon Cottage Gardens, Other
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I am a Free Woman, Herbalist and Mistress of My slaves.

{zakir 9th March, 2016} {seonid 24th March, 2018}

Today I was asked, and have accept to be the Intended Free Compaion of Tadeusz (11th April, 2018)

I was born in the appartments owned by My Parents in the Fortress of Saphronicus to a Physcian Father and Merchant Mother. They met when she travelled to that remote but beautiful outpost. They fell in love and remain together still.

When I came of age My parents organised a Free companionship for Me at the Sardar fairs. My Compainion and I remained together for 20 happy years and I bore Him 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Only the boy went on to study the Green Caste. Unfortunately My Free companion died as He slipped and fell from a treacherous mountainside as He was searching for rare plants.
My children have grown and I am now able to persue the Training of My Birthright under the auspices of 
Bâsħîr¤PĦ¥¤ÇPؤÀdm, Head of the Physicians Caste and Administrator of Port Olni.

I own the property that was Home to My Free Companion and Myself, "Tarragon Cottage Gardens". It is a small farmland holding & Apothecray / Clinic that primarily produces herbs that are made into Medicinal Treatments, sold on site and exported around the Land.

Map of Gor:


please note: I do NOT have poison pins in My hair or clothing, as a member of the Green Caste by birth and training I am forbidden to do so. I may however have some other form of 'protection' such as capture darts etc secreted about My person should the need arise.

Please note: Messaging and whisper are OOC


The frustrations and chilling hatred of free women for their imbonded sisters, and their power to inflict pain on them, tended naturally to preclude, or inhibit, the performances of slaves. Their presence, too, of course, tended to have an adverse effect on the satisfactions obtainable by the free men present. If a free woman is present, for example, one is scarcely likely to tear the silk from a laughing, squealing slave and rape her on the table. Female slaves commonly wear relatively modest garments and serve unobtrusively and decorously when free women are present.
Kajira of Gor     Book 19     Page 279