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𝑆𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑦𝑎 (Sinaya, of Sardar)
Female - *, United States
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My story is one the likes of most Goreans would not believe or even understand and yet, here I am. My father you see is from the Caste of Initiates and helped conceive me without his consent or permission, of course the permission of my mother wasn’t gotten either but being she was a woman, those who enabled the act to happen didn’t believe it was necessary even though she was of high caste herself as she was a Scribe; permission had been given by her Father so that was all that was all the consent that was needed.

When it was discovered what had happened, my mother’s father and everyone else involved in seeing the act through were sent to the City of Dust via the wrath of the Priest Kings blue flame of death, my of course my father was forgiven for any wrong doing as well as my mother though once I was born I was taken from her and into a collar she went for it was determined she had developed a taste for pleasures of the flesh during her pregnancy and in her stead I was raised by a staff fit for a Tatrix while being highly educated as it was the one and only thing my father insisted on before relinquishing any and all claim on paternalship to my being to my mother’s mother who then named me; Sinaya

My name while lyrically pleasing was one for much of my youth; a name of shame for my mother’s name had been Aya and I was her sin,  thus the joining of the two to produce my name. As I grew older and had had the chance to study things even my Guardian had not been able to or allowed to, I changed my mind about my name and even grew to enjoy it for reasons I have never said aloud or shared with another soul.

Now with my Guardian having passed to the City of Dust and no way of knowing the exact name of the man who sired me I was now to be a ward of the City, though I was promised if I can find another city to host me and assume my Guardianship, I will be allowed to move as is my want at this time to do.