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Bart¤W¤ÇPؤFS (Barthello, DuPree)
Male - 41 years old, Gor, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Updated: 2019-10-02 9:11:18 pm Viewed 2,551 times Likes 6

My name is Barthello DuPree, Warrior, trained by the best, fought beside and against the best, and much respect for all Warriors, brothers.

10/2/2019 Bart is retained as the First Sword of the City of Port Olni. 

I was born on the Isle of Cos, city of Temos. I ventured off to the sea and stumbled into Lydius many years ago and after a while, was voted to the office of Administrator. I have since called Lydius home and will be there until it is time to retire and allow a new generation of Goreans take over. Those of Lydius are more than citizens, they are my family, and I will defend each and every one of them until my last, final, coarse breath of air. 

Aboard the ship, I will always be carrying a 23 inch short sword on my left hip. 

On land: If mounted, 2 23 inch short swords crossed over my back, a standard battle helm, round shield, an additional 23 inch short sword in a sheath attatched to the saddle. Once on foot, both swords are sheathed on the mount and I wear a master belt that sheathes one sword on my left hip, I do not carry a shield when in a city unless the situation dictates.

When I am in a city or camp, or on ship, I do not wear armour unless the situation dictates, once in the gates, I wear only a 23in short sword that is on my left side.

I stand 6ft 5in, weigh in at 275, right handed. 6ft 11in wing span. Glove size large, boot size 14, helm size large. Tunic size large. Leathers size 32.