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Current Mood: Balanced
SimonPontius (*Simon, *Pontius)
Male - *Thentis, Other
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Updated: 6 days ago 8:24:44 pm Viewed 719 times Likes 12

Master Builder & Architect of The Builders Caste of Gor

Homestone Thentis 10.11.18

Free Companion of Sana Summerfield 10.06.18 Renewed 04.06.19

She is the Answer to His question, the Love of His Life

Proud Father to Andrea Lucille 03.19.19

Member of The High Council of Thentis 11.03.18

Bestowed the title "Artifex Domini Elcecti" by The Builders Caste 11.10.18

Raised to the Degree of "Architecto Primi Gradus" by The High Council of The Builders Caste 01.11.19

owner of the slave willow~ss~thentis submitted 12.10.18

He stands 70 horts, a reasonable and patient Man, always ready for good and thought provoking conversation