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Ʀєɗɗɪҳ 🍒 (Reddix, ๖ۣۜℜeͥddͣiͫx)
Male - 30 years old, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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I have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology.
I go where i need, fighting not for country, not for government, but for myselve.
i dont need a reason to fight. ill fight because it must. ill be the deterrent for those with no other recourse.
I am a soldier without borders, my purpose defined by the era i live in.

We must never forget that, 
there are no stars🌠 without the night.
And nobody wins without a fight☠.
Money💰 dont provide respect, because only WAR is what you get
Trust me when i say love can't be bought, not even with the biggest yacht
Religion or GOD doesn't bring technology or a cure, we humans make the world secure!