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Ʀєɗɗɪҳ 🍒 (Reddix, ๖ۣۜℜeͥddͣiͫx)
Male - 31 years old, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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Self Note:
I have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology.
I go where i need, fighting not for country, not for government, but for myselve.
i dont need a reason to fight. ill fight because it must. ill be the deterrent for those with no other recourse.
I am a soldier without borders, my purpose defined by the era i live in.

We must never forget that, there are no stars🌠 without the night.
And nobody wins without a fight☠.
Money💰 dont provide respect, because only WAR is what you get
Trust me when i say love❤ can't be bought, not even with the biggest yacht
Religion or GOD doesn't bring technology or a cure, we humans make the world secure!
- ๖ۣۜℜeͥddͣiͫx

Sadly our world counts for those that got the bling
It dont matter how you get to a destination
It matter in what you came there
It dont matter if clothing protects you against the cold
It matter what you wearing, that it looks cool.

This is a world, A world i dont want to live in,
A world that support coals instead of Tesla system of Free Clean Energy
A world that kills others that wanne do right


Nikola Tesla: World Changer
Mahatma Gandhi: World Changer
Indira Gandhi: World Changer
MK Gandhi : ironic how a man who preached non-violence all his life was assassinated. 
Rajiv Gandhi: Ex-Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was in Sriperumbudur
Abraham Lincoln: one of the most loved Presidents of the USA
James A. Garfield: World Changer
Pim Fortuin: World Changer
Franz Ferdinand: The death that triggered the World War
Yitzhak Rabin: The one who tried to resolve the 'Israel-Palestine' conflict
Julius Caesar: "Et tu, Brute?
Malcolm X: The American Muslim and human rights activist
Benazir Bhutto: She wanted to contest in the elections in 2008. 
Robert F Kennedy: The younger Kennedy
John F Kennedy: world changer
Alexander Litvinenko: An agent of the Russian FSB secret service
Martin Luther King Jr: The Nobel Peace Prize winner