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sue (sue, *)
Female - 27 years old, Glendale, AZ, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Wanted to update this.  Get a lot of questions about where I live, so added that to my profile.

Work full time, my hubby and I have a great marriage.  We have been married for 2+ years!  I love his shoulders... and how he holds me!  And the ways he also touches me!  Will let your imaginations work that over!

I am bi, but he calls me more of a Vixen when I go out with my lady lover.  And no, he is not a part of that.  (And no, I don't let him have a girl on the side either.)   I don't see other ladies... kinda into the modified monomagous thing. 

I am 100% supportive of our men and women in uniform... I just think that the mission is misguided.  I do believe in the international cabal which uses the petro-dollar to influence US foreign policy (at the cost of men and women's lives around the world.)

Oh... and not a bernie fan.  (Just to make that point, since it has come up.)

And as far as the NFL - like to watch sports and if the attendance is down... so be it.  Many of the values of the NFL owners are not my values.  Many of the player's want to bring issues to the field... save it for the off season if you ask me.  Respect yourself, and the sport.  STFU in other words.  Same for Hollywood and "artists" who want to preach.  I didn't pay you for your deep geopolitical views... so just shut it!

AND... Fitz is AWESOME!!!