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2018-08-02 10:36:41 am by WamphW IFC Bianciella in category General
I usually make every effort to avoid stupidity on forums but for you I will make an exception. Why? Not because you are worth the time, because you aren't, not because you matter, as you don't and not even because you persist in referencing me in your posts. Why then am I making an exception here? Because I pity you and as any generally good human being should do I will always try help...
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2018-04-25 9:07:39 am by WamphW IFC Bianciella in category General
Tal, I will get straight to the point. I’m quite frankly sick of the incessant bleeting of the Women of your home which, to be blunt, is happening because not a single one of you have done anything to keep them in their place.  Making this extremely simple, man up and get a grip of your home because if I read or hear of another display of behaviour that I feel is in anyway...
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2017-06-30 3:54:27 am by WamphW IFC Bianciella in category RolePlay
WamphW awoke to clear skies after the events of the storm from the night prior. The piercing cry of gull's overhead a strak contrast to the howling of the winds and the violent drumming of rain as it had battered the town. A cry of surprise from outside caught My attention and, rapidly dressing and gathering the usual combination of steel and death I carried around, I headed outside to see...
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2017-06-28 12:49:09 pm by WamphW IFC Bianciella in category RolePlay
What had started as a drop of rain and a breeze had rapidly progressed into high winds and a storm the likes of which the Thassa hadn’t witnessed in many a month. The wind screamed in rage as rain battered down without mercy against the wild and choppy surface. Around Kassau the tall and heavy trees, many of them there before this generation of citizens creaked and moaned with fear as if...
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2017-06-08 7:15:19 am by WamphW IFC Bianciella in category General
... knock you out!
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  • Kalina◊FW: Riveting...can't wait to find out where that ship comes from and what the contents mean...Be Safe...
  • Khalid~Builder: Be safe Wamph whose ship was it
  • Account Deleted: there a name on the, what's left of it, I mean?
  • Account Deleted: An intriguing tale! Be safe, Warrior!
  • Account Deleted: Heh! One of My favorite movies! DB was SO, I mean...diabolical...